A Hate Crime Hoax at Yale

My name is Sarah Braasch. I am the PhD Candidate in Philosophy at Yale who was involved in the now notorious Living or Napping While Black incident during the spring of this past year. In truth, I am the victim of a hate crime hoax, and the Yale Administration and the Yale Campus Police were both complicit. I am a middle aged, severely traumatized woman with mental health disabilities who was being terrorized in her isolated dorm room for months, while the Yale Administration and the Yale Campus Police stood by and did nothing, with full knowledge of the situation. In fact, Yale was complicit in my being terrorized for months, and I have reason to believe that the Yale Administration was illegally feeding my personal information, including my name and my mental health history, to my attackers.

My life was destroyed by a false accusation of racism, the Yale Administration, the Yale Police, the press, pundits, academics, late night comics and talk show hosts, and all of the Moral Outrage Warriors and Far Left Ideological Fascists and Cultists and intersectional feminists and the Moral Outrage Industry, including a global internet rage mob. I was wrongfully subjected to a global murderous defamation campaign. I received thousands upon thousands of death threats and threats of violence, including sexual violence. I had to go into hiding for near a year. I was suicidal. For months, I could barely eat or sleep. I would go into literal physical shock on the hour, every hour, convulsing with the chills. It was hard to even begin to process what had been done to me. I had been wrongfully vilified, on a global scale, as a genocidal villain on the order of Pol Pot.

Nothing that I had wished for my life is possible any longer. My academic and legal and human and civil rights careers are over. I have been banned from Yale’s campus by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Lynn Cooley, with no due process whatsoever. I have also been banned from teaching at Yale by Dean Cooley. My dearest friends in the whole world paid $10k for an attorney to stop Yale from expelling me. Quite simply, the Yale Administration and the Yale Campus Police destroyed my life, my livelihood, my reputation, my career, my good name, and almost got me killed by driving me to suicide and inciting my murder. None of this would have happened if Yale had simply told the truth after the May 8th incident. Or, if the Yale Administration didn’t want to accuse a POC of wrongdoing, they could have simply released the Yale Police body camera footage from May 8th, which exonerates me and exposes Yale’s malfeasance.

In truth, I am a lifelong human and civil rights licensed attorney activist who had devoted her life to fighting against oppression in all of its many forms, including racism. I considered myself a proud Social Justice Warrior (SJW), although, in truth, I was trying to re-appropriate the term, in order to make it mean what it is supposed to mean, i.e., civil liberties for one and all. I am completing my dissertation project for my PhD, which I have been working on for years now, and which I consider to be my saving the world project. It is an analysis of how to undermine the oppression inherent to our social institutions. I work on the issues of police brutality and implicit bias. I was socially ousted from my department at Yale by most of my graduate student peers, because I stood up for the federal civil rights of a black man, our only POC job candidate. I fought for a black man to gain access to Yale. I chose to use my JD by accepting a Human Rights Fellowship from my law school (Fordham Law) and moving to France to work with Ni Putes Ni Soumises. I spent days sitting with African women immigrants and their children, in government offices, to make sure that they would not be discriminated against during the visa application process. No one who has ever known me has ever heard or seen me say or do anything racist ever, because I would never engage in racist behavior. It is antithetical to everything that I am.

I will be using this blog to tell the truth about what really happened at Yale during the Living or Napping While Black incident. I will also be using it to raise legal funds and funds to help me rebuild my devastated life. I want to take my readers with me on my journey of recovery, as I heal and attempt to save my life and career. I also want to recruit all reasonable, goodhearted people across the political spectrum to be part of a community of persons committed to civil liberties for one and all, and due process, and free speech, including religious expression, and committed to save our secular, liberal, constitutional democratic republic. I want to do something about the Far Left Ideological Fascism Cultists and Intersectional Feminists who have usurped our college campuses and who work to oust and destroy the lives of any apostates who dare to express ideas contrary to their orthodoxy. If my life can be destroyed by a false accusation of racism, anyone’s life can be.

I am a member of the tribe of cancelleds now, and I want to tell my story, to light the path for those who follow. I almost lost my way and my life. I don’t want anyone else to lose theirs.

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