My Twitter Thread About ETVPod’s Claims About CRT & About Anti-CRT Being a Moral Panic

I thought the Twitter thread I did today responding to ETVPod’s claims about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and his claim that the anti-CRT movement is a Moral Panic turned out so well, and is getting so many views, that I would turn it into a quick blog post:

I will respond to ETVPod’s substantive claims about CRT. ETVPod is just lying about anti-CRT being a moral panic, and his claim that he’s been the voice of reason. ETVPod very obviously embraced the Living While Black Race Hoax, including, of course, Napping While Black at Yale.

I’ll make a YouTube video. Obaid Omer has always been my go to source for the history of CRT in Academia. I went to law school b/t 2006 & 2009, & Critical Race Theory was not explicitly mentioned, nor Woke Intersectional Feminism, but it went by another name: Cultural Relativism.

I was a Human Rights Fellow at Ni Putes Ni Soumises in Paris, France, for a year, 2009-2010. NPNS was a fierce women’s rights org comprised primarily of women from the predominantly Muslim immigrant communities in the ghettoized suburbs surrounding the major cities of France.

1 of the pillars of their movement was anti-Cultural Relativism, which they also referred to as Communitarianism or Obscurantism. Their mantra was: Secularism, Equality, & Gender De-segregation (Laïcité, Egalité, Mixité), i.e., there are no women’s rights w/o secular government.

Many of the women of NPNS, including then President Sihem Habchi, stated that they were proud Muslims & would stand by their communities in fighting against racism & their mistreatment by the French government, but women’s rights as individual human rights were non-negotiable.

I’m explaining the above to show I know of what I speak. I chose to work w/Ni Putes Ni Soumises, including conducting a sociological study in the housing projects in the ghettoized suburbs on women’s sexual & reproductive rights, b/c of their anti-Cultural Relativism position.

I consider Critical Race Theory to be synonymous w/Woke Intersectional Feminism & Cultural Relativism. Woke Intersectional Feminism is the bastardized & weaponized version of Intersectionality, which I employ in my work as a philosopher of law & language. Woke is a pejorative.

I employ Intersectionality in my work. I understand it to mean, simply, that there may be linguistic concepts to which sub social groups of a larger social group have access, to which members of the larger social group may not have access. Sub here just means smaller, not worse.

Intersectionality has been bastardized & weaponized as Woke Intersectional Feminism by assigning a normative epistemological position, based on this simple fact that linguistic concepts evolve & devolve, b/c they are introduced by sub social groups & sometimes become obsolete.

I have long defined Critical Race Theory (CRT)/Woke Intersectional Feminism/Cultural Relativism as an ideology that assigns a sub social group the status of oppressed & a higher moral, epistemological, &/or legal status, & a larger social group the status of oppressor & lesser.

In practical terms this means, for example, in Ijeoma Oluo’s book, So You Want to Talk About Race, & she’s explicit: when a Black person accuses a white person of racism, this is the end of the discussion. The white person is immediately condemned as guilty w/o Due Process.

This is why Critical Race Theory (CRT)/Woke Intersectional Feminism/Cultural Relativism is an actual grave threat to our constitutional principles of Due Process & Equal Protection, our constitutional fair trial protections, & the Federal Civil Rights Act. It is Black Supremacy.

IRL: b/c I was accused of racism by a Black person, Oluo felt justified in telling her followers to mob & stalk me & in sentencing me immediately to the grossly disproportionate sentence of Social Death or Suicide via Woke KKK Cancel Culture & Trial by Twitter w/o Due Process.

The irony being that Ijeoma Oluo has now left Twitter, w/the announcement that Elon Musk was going to buy it, b/c she felt unsafe on the platform as a Black woman. Meanwhile, she spent the past 4 years trying to drive nobodies to suicide 4 Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry $.

CRT/Woke Intersectional Feminism/Cultural Relativism fomented the Living While Black Race Hoax (The Great Racism Scare of 2018-now), e.g., Karens Gone Wild viral videos & grossly unconstitutional KAREN Acts, promulgated in state & municipal legislatures across the US by Democrats.

I just want to quickly address the teaching of CRT, especially in public schools to minor children in the US. CRT is grossly unconstitutional. Public school curriculum is govt speech. US govt cannot send the message that 1 group of Citizens is more or less favored under US law.

I have stated repeatedly that I do think there is a ready solution at hand: apply Establishment Clause jurisprudence to the teaching of CRT to minor children in US public schools. We can teach religious texts as history, literature, cultural studies, but w/o indoctrination.

I love you, @obaidomer & @DavidKrae. I hope it was ok that I used your Twitter thread to make my own. I thought you would be ok with it. I think & hope this was a good opportunity to set people straight on the dangers of CRT, & the fact that anti-CRT is NOT a moral panic. xoxo


The Hypocrisy of Jamelle Bouie of the New York Times and the Entire Fake News Press Exposed

So, I had just exposed Mark Joseph Stern of Slate and the Above the Law Blog as Fake News Press. I’m pretty sure they perpetrated a stunt to smear the Federalist Society when they doxxed the Stanford Law students (Federalist Society members) who had filed a complaint against another student for creating a satirical flyer making fun of the Federalist Society. The complaint resulted in a graduation hold being placed upon the student who had produced the flyer. I’m fairly confident at this point that this was, at least in part, a manufactured controversy.

So, I was taking a peek at Mark Joseph Stern’s Twitter feed to see if he ever addressed the questions I had posed to him. He hadn’t, but he retweeted a comment that piqued my interest:

Of course, this retweet piqued my interest, because Mark Joseph Stern of Slate had just been screaming to everyone who would listen that the sky is falling, because of the Federalist Society.

So, I wanted to see what the garbled or completely imaginary nonsense was the conservative movement was getting people to flip their lid over, and impressively so at that.

And, I found this:

It was a tweet from none other than Jamelle Bouie, the New York Times Opinion Columnist, describing the current battle over Critical Race Theory (Woke Intersectional Feminism by another name) being taught in public schools as a “pure moral panic.”

This post isn’t specifically about Critical Race Theory, but I’ve tweeted at length about this issue, and I’ll make another YouTube video tonight. My personal view is that we are making this issue more complicated than it needs to be. The point is: the government does not have Free Speech. The government cannot send or fund the message that any one group of citizens is disfavored based upon either Race or Religion. I think we can use Establishment Clause jurisprudence as our guide. (The Establishment Clause of the US Constitution states that the Government may not take one step towards establishing a state religion. Establishment Clause jurisprudence is the culmination of our courts grappling with what constitutes one step.)

Yes, I do think that much of Critical Race Theory (Woke Intersectional Feminism) is Black Supremacy, and I think most advocates for such are being disingenuous about the fact that they are arguing for white people to be stripped of their constitutional and civil rights, but I think we can treat the ideology as we treat religious texts in public schools. Yes, the Bible and the Quran, etc. can be (and maybe should be) taught in public schools as literature, as part of history and cultural studies, but not to proselytize. Similarly CRT should not be taught in public schools to proselytize Black Supremacy. I am not opposed to anti-CRT legislation in theory, but I do feel that the current practice leaves much to be desired. CRT legislation should mirror Establishment Clause jurisprudence.

I found a couple comments by blue check mark journalists similar to the one that Mark Joseph Stern of Slate had retweeted by Ryan Cooper, National Correspondent for The Week, including this one by Corey Atad, Writer for Slate among others:

The premise of these tweets from blue check mark journalists, including, of course, Jamelle Bouie of the New York Times, is that the Political Right stirs up fake moral outrage, inciting the basest instincts of their political camp, including by whipping them into a frenzy by telling them the Political Left is coming to kill their children. They also assert that this Fake Moral Outrage over a manufactured controversy is antithetical to democratic deliberation, is something that the Political Left would never engage in, and if the Political Left in the US would stoop to such base tactics, they would be in power in the US.

If you have been following my story, you can imagine my reaction. I am the entirely innocent victim of the obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. My life and lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers were decimated, including by a global vilification campaign, led by Yale and the Fake News Press. I was cast as a genocidal villain and Secret Nazi who was lynching Black students at Yale via the Yale Campus Police. I was cited as the impetus for grossly unconstitutional CAREN Hate Crime Legislation. The Fake News Press and Moral Outrage Industry destroyed the Living While Black movement by turning it into a Race Hoax and bloodsport to demonize white women and smear Trump. I had to go into hiding. I was deluged with death and rape threats. I am still, more than 3 years later, more or less in hiding, still deluged with death threats, and defamed on a near weekly basis by the Fake News Press. The ACLU continues their campaign to drive me to suicide to this day. I was just swatted twice recently, on May 9th & 17th, 2021. Thank God I have a good relationship with my local police, and I had already explained to them that this is a terror campaign meant to deter me from seeking Justice at Yale.

What I found particularly interesting about Jamelle Bouie’s Twitter thread is that he was an avid participant in the witch hunt at Yale that almost got me killed. He was very happy to whip the Political Left into a frenzy by exploiting the killings of Black men, because those white women, those Karens were coming to lynch the Black children, just like had been done to Emmett Till. He was perfectly happy to demonize white women, myself included. He was perfectly happy to destroy Living While Black by pushing obvious Race and Hate Crime Hoaxes. He was perfectly happy to turn Living While Black into a bloodsport, targeting vulnerable white women, to demonize white women for Moral Outrage Industry money and political gain.

NPR, who helped lead the witch hunt at Yale that almost got me killed, weighed in with this unequivocal defamation to fan the flames:

I enjoyed this reply by Mikel Jollett (I guess he’s a musician). Apparently, I called the non-emergency helpline of the Yale Campus Police, as I had been repeatedly instructed to do, by the Yale Administration and Yale Campus Police Chief Ronnell Higgins, because I was being harassed for months in my isolated Yale dorm room, to enforce the white power structure:

Blue check mark journalist Garance Franke-Ruta decided that me calling the non-emergency helpline of the Yale Campus Police, basically Campus Security, as instructed, because I was being harassed in my isolated Yale dorm room, after I had begged the Yale Administration and Campus Police for months to help me stop the harassment, was the natural culmination of 17 years of See Something, Say Something:

What I found interesting about this reply from Jane Coaston of the New York Times is that, like Jane, the only time I have ever sought police assistance in my adult life is when I was an overnight front desk clerk during law school at Hotel QT, in Times Square in New York City, and I dialed 911, because someone almost died from an overdose on the sidewalk in front of the hotel.

So, I guess the Political Left and Fake News Press and Moral Outrage Industry aren’t above stirring Fake Moral Outrage and inciting their political camp’s baser instincts, and whipping their political base into a frenzy by screaming at them that white women Karens are coming to lynch their children.

I’m pretty sure that the Political Left and the Democrats did perpetrate the Living While Black Race Hoax (the Great Racism Scare) for political power, to smear and unseat Trump, and I’m pretty sure that the Political Left and the Democrats are in power. I do agree; however, that this low tactic was antithetical to democratic deliberation.

So, I guess it’s a good thing that Jamelle Bouie of the New York Times et al. would never do anything so sleazy.

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