I LOVE WordPress. They Stand for Free Speech and Due Process and Whistleblowers like Me, Speaking Real TRUTH to Power.

I LOVE WordPress. I LOVE them.

WordPress stands for Free Speech and Due Process and Whistleblowers like Me, speaking Real TRUTH to Power.

Everyone knows that there is a massive effort to silence me, because I am getting the TRUTH out about the witch hunt at Yale and subsequent global defamation campaign against me, led by the Fake News Press and Moral Outrage Industry, that almost got me killed.

I was permanently suspended by Twitter and Jack Dorsey, for reporting egregious abuse and harassment. Twitter used this as an excuse to get rid of me, because they don’t want me around to report their blue check mark public figures who have repeatedly tried to mob me to suicide on their platform over the past almost three and a half years.

WordPress assured me that they have taken ZERO action against me, and they never would, because they believe in Free Speech and Due Process.

They assured me that anyone claiming otherwise is speaking falsehoods.

I feel a million times better.

I love you, WordPress!

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