My Attorneys at Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman are the Best and Most Wonderful Attorneys in the Whole World

I love my attorneys forever, my attorneys at Randazza Legal Group, Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman.

They are the best and most wonderful attorneys in the whole wide world.

They have always been so kind and supportive to me.

They always let me know when something is worth worrying about and when something is most definitely not worth worrying about.

They make me feel confident in my capacity to be a true whistleblower and speak Real TRUTH to Power, because I know that I have my attorneys by my side, protecting and guiding me.

I am just one person without resources or power, being attacked relentlessly for the past more than three and a half years, by the most powerful persons and institutions in the world.

And, I am standing here almost entirely alone. I am fighting the most powerful institutions and people in the world nearly entirely alone. I have been forsaken by almost everyone, including those whom I considered family, including those for whom I would have stood by their side until the bitter end.

It would have broken me by now, I would be dead by now, were it not for my amazing attorneys, standing by my side, fighting alongside me.

I love them forever.

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