I Don’t Have Words to Explain What it is to be Stalked by Abusers Intent on Driving Me to Suicide and Destroying My Life Over a >3 Year Old Non-Event and Non-Crime. That Twitter and Jack Dorsey have given their Imprimatur to this Evil is Beyond Me.

I know that in the end Truth will out. I will be exonerated.

But, Justice delayed is Justice denied.

I don’t even have words to explain what it is to be stalked incessantly by abusers intent on driving me to suicide and destroying what semblance of a life I have left, because I am the PROOF that they are evil, lying bigots and frauds.

I live inside a surreal hellish nightmare now, a nightmare without end, seemingly.

That Twitter and Jack Dorsey seem to be not only tolerating, but encouraging and rewarding this evil and atrocious behavior on their platform is beyond me.

I know that I have to stay strong and calm and brave.

I am not only fighting for myself, I am fighting for all victims of Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, and the Fake News Press and Moral Outrage Industry, especially those who have already killed themselves, because they couldn’t handle the relentless abuse and stalking.

This is why I call them the Woke KKK.

I want to be perfectly clear about this, and everyone with any sense at all knows that it’s true:

In the future, in textbooks and social psychology and philosophy and law and journalism classes, when we discuss the horrors of the Woke KKK Era, mine will be the story that they will tell.

The veritable 21st Century Witch Hunt at Yale will be the story that they will tell.

The story of how the lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers of Sarah Braasch, an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, were destroyed by the Woke KKK, is the story that they will tell.

Just like we tell stories now about how lives and careers were destroyed during the McCarthy Era, during the Red Scare, including Charlie Chaplin’s and Orson Welles’.

This is why I refer to the Woke Tyranny Era of now as the Great Racist Scare.

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