How About My Deranged, Abusive Stalkers Take Christmas Off? New Notice from Twitter.

(This blog post has been edited. I just removed any mention of my stalkers, because I don’t want them to have a single excuse to continue stalking me. At some point, I will redact the images and replace them, but I don’t have time to do that right now.)

How about my deranged, abusive stalkers take Christmas off? How about that? Maybe even take New Year’s off too.

I am going to make a YouTube Video about How to Know When You’re the Stalker, because a lot of people need this advice. Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh my God.

Yeah. If I’m the one trying desperately to avoid being contacted by you, and you’re the one on atomic sites, sending me email after email from a different IP address each time, guess what, lunatic? You’re the stalker!

Here is the latest notice from Twitter. I kind of think it’s a crap shoot getting any help at all from Twitter Support and depends entirely upon how Woke the person is who receives your report. Sometimes they seem like they’re actually trying to help me end the egregious abuse and harassment and stalking, and other times it seems like they are encouraging and supporting it.

This particular deranged, abusive stalker is a real piece of work. They have been harassing YouTube incessantly over the past week or so. Even YouTube asked them to stop and told them to delete their tweets about me.

I’m like, you know that Patreon and YouTube and GoFundMe can see your psychotic Twitter Feed which looks like something Eric Roberts put on his wall in Star 80? This deranged and abusive stalker’s obsession with me is terrifying and horrifying at this point.

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I mean if Twitter Support is just going to let abusive and deranged stalkers post photos of me with Hitler mustaches, then Twitter needs to just admit that their Terms of Service (TOS) are meaningless, and they’re just out to protect the Woke and persecute those deemed unWoke:

I don’t know how much more abuse I can take. Truly. I just don’t know how much strength I have left. I am under constant attack, every day, all day, from my many abusive stalkers.

Now, they’re attacking my YouTube, because Twitter has made it clear that their abuse will not be tolerated. I have reached out to YouTube, and I hope it is obvious to them that the persons making mass bad faith reports against my YouTube are my abusive stalkers who have been terrorizing me for months now, even years. I need my YouTube to save my life and career, just like I need my Twitter account.

But, I am so happy that Twitter has been stepping up and locking out or permanently suspending at least some of my abusive stalkers. Thank you, Twitter. Now please permanently suspend Richard Painter’s Twitter account for his now more than 3 month campaign to destroy my life and drive me to suicide. Here is the latest notice I received from Twitter:

The following accounts have actually been recently suspended. I feel so much relief and so much gratitude towards Twitter for finally doing the right thing and permanently suspending at least some of my abusive stalkers:

And, here is Richard Painter’s latest vague jab at me on Twitter (at least he has seemingly been defanged by MN Attorney General Keith Ellison):


Someone’s ego’s bruised. I think I guessed exactly right that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison was none too happy that Woke KKK Twitter Menace and Buffoon Richard Painter was throwing around his name and Twitter handle to continue abusing me on Twitter.

Richard Painter has now been engaged in a more than 3 month campaign to destroy my life and drive me, an innocent Yale PhD Candidate and civil rights attorney, to suicide, via Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

The whole world knows that Richard Painter started viciously and relentlessly attacking me in mid September, 2021, to use me as a proxy to attack University of Chicago Law and Philosophy Professor Brian Leiter.

Now, Richard Painter won’t stop attacking me until I’m dead, because I am the PROOF that he is an evil, lying bigot and charlatan and fraud, and that makes me a threat to his now DOA potential Run for MN Governor.

The only one who has been inciting violence, as well as waves of death threat sending Twitter mobs, is Richard Painter. The only one who has been trying to profit by spreading defamatory lies in the Fake News Press and Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry is Richard Painter.

Richard Painter threatened to SWAT me. He threatened to report me to the Bar and for Fraud. He tried to Lynch me on Thanksgiving, according to the NAACP’s definition of lynching. He has repeatedly compared me to Ahmaud Arbery’s killers. And, he even compared me to Hitler. Then, he insinuated that I was going to be prosecuted for Fraud by MN AG Keith Ellison, because I have plans to move home to MN to live with my sister, because my abusive stalkers, including Richard Painter, are more intent than ever on destroying what semblance of a life I have left.

And, now, Richard Painter makes yet another thinly veiled threat against me, although defanged, since it seems clear that MN AG Keith Ellison told Richard Painter to keep his name out of his mouth. I’m sure MN AG Keith Ellison has no interest in helping Richard Painter abuse traumatized and vulnerable women for sport on Twitter, over almost 4 year old non-events and non-crimes:

What Twitter is allowing to be done to me on their platform is grotesque and inhumane.

Let’s be clear: Twitter not only supports, they encourage and reward, the most egregious and reprehensible abuse of me on their platform.

Twitter has given carte blanche to their users to drive me to suicide with impunity and to destroy my life, by campaigning to get me fired, expelled, disbarred, and made destitute and irrevocably decimated.

In other words, Twitter has given their imprimatur for their users to put me to Social Death.

Twitter is doing this to protect their blue check mark public figures who repeatedly tried to mob me, an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, to suicide.

Everything Twitter has ever said about wanting to make Twitter a safer place has been a lie.

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