Woke KKK Richard Painter has Strong, Racist Feelings About Which Students Are Allowed to Call Their Campus Police, Based Upon Race and Gender

Please, please know that Woke KKK Twitter Menace Richard Painter has strong, racist feelings about which students are allowed to call their Campus Police.

Richard Painter screams like a harpy about how no students, and especially not women students, are safe on University campuses in urban centers.

But, Richard Painter tried to Lynch me, according to the NAACP’s definition of lynching, on Thanksgiving, because, almost 4 years ago, I called the non-emergency helpline of the Yale Campus Police, exactly as I had been repeatedly instructed to do by the Yale Admin and Campus Police. In Spring, 2018, I was being harassed incessantly in my isolated Yale dorm room.

Richard Painter claims that I was trying to Lynch Black students on Yale’s campus by calling the non-emergency helpline of the Yale Campus Police, exactly as I had been instructed to do, for any reason whatsoever.

When I criticized Richard Painter for segregating students’ access to Campus Police protection, on the basis of race, he threatened to SWAT me. No, I’m actually not kidding:

So, apparently, Richard Painter thinks it’s always ok for old, white, and male law professors to call their campus police when they see fit.

But, if a white woman dares to take reasonable precautions to enter her isolated Yale dorm safely, when she is followed in an unauthorized manner up to her room, then Richard Painter will try to get her fired and disbarred and prosecuted for an almost 4 year old non-event and non-crime at Yale.

For this reason, I am extremely confident in my assessment of Richard Painter as a Racist and as a member of the Woke KKK.

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