Michael Harriot Knows That, in the US, the Woke KKK Mob Rules

Michael Harriot, formerly of The Root, is the paragon of a Shaun King / The Appeal Style Twitter Race Hustler. Michael Harriot is a Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry unto himself.

If there’s one thing that Michael Harriot knows, it’s that, in the US, the Woke KKK Mob Rules.

Michael Harriot is pretty much the worst person ever.

If babies have to die in the street for Michael Harriot to line his pockets with a few more Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry dollars, then Michael Harriot is ok with babies dying in the street.

Michael Harriot never met a Black Death he didn’t exploit for his own personal gain, nor a Living While Black Race Hoax he didn’t push at the expense of the US Black Social Justice Movement.

On May 25th, 2020, when George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers on the same day that Amy Cooper called the police on Christian Cooper in NYC’s Central Park, Michael Harriot squeed.

He knew exactly what he needed to do to whip the Woke KKK mob into a frenzy.

Michael Harriot tried to Lynch me in the Washington Post, according to the NAACP’s definition of a lynching as a public killing without Due Process. This is why Michael Harriot is the paragon of a Shaun King / The Appeal Style Twitter Race Hustler.

No one understands better than Michael Harriot that journalism is dead. Everyone’s a Shaun King Style Twitter Race Hustler now, including the Washington Post that defines Fake News Press.

At that point, on May 25th, 2020, Michael Harriot had spent the past two years obsessively stalking me, ever since the perfectly obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. Michael Harriot had rhapsodized and waxed psychotic about my genitalia, including repeatedly in The Root, preferring to refer to me as a Swamp Twat.

Michael Harriot whined when I didn’t go further in his annual Wypipo Awards, which he desperately wanted me to win.

But the cherry on the cake of Michael Harriot’s abuse of me was his Op Ed in the Washington Post following George Floyd’s killing.

This is how shameless Michael Harriot is: he debased the gravity of the term ‘lynching,’ and dishonored the memory of Emmett Till by exploiting his lynching for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money. And, Michael Harriot was perfectly happy to destroy the Living While Black Movement in the process. Harriot turned Living While Black into a Race Hoax and bloodsport, targeting and demonizing white women, especially the vulnerable, with mental health disabilities, and without the resources to defend themselves.

And, Michael Harriot’s favorite target was me.

Michael Harriot named me in his Washington Post Op Ed that can only be construed as a Death Threat against me, an attempted Lynching. Harriot’s intent was to make even more Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money by turning me into a corpse by inciting the Woke KKK mob to kill me.

Michael Harriot compared me to Carolyn Bryant, the white woman who had falsely accused Emmett Till, leading to his lynching and suggested that I had been trying to Lynch Black students at Yale via the Yale Campus Police.

Neither Michael Harriot nor the Washington Post, nor The Root or The Grio, for that matter, have ever retracted any of their defamatory statements about me nor apologized to me for almost getting me killed and destroying my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers.

This is the epitome of Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Woke Privilege.

Michael Harriot lives his life now, pretending to be a respectable, bona fide journalist. And, the whole world gaslights me and pretends I don’t exist and that I’m not still alive.

And, this is how I know that Michael Harriot knows that it is the Woke KKK Mob that rules the US.

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