Legal Academia is Also Morally & Intellectually Bankrupt; Too Stupid to Not Be Part of Witch Hunt at Yale — There is an Actual Get Sarah Braasch Killed Moral Outrage Industry in US Law Schools

And, legal academics in the US actually give one another awards for trying to get me killed and drive me to suicide, including Yale’s Elijah Anderson and Yale Law School’s Monica Bell.

In case anyone thinks the Get Sarah Braasch Killed Moral Outrage Industry in Legal Academia in the US has subsided, 3 incredibly racist and evil and stupid University of Nevada, Las Vegas William S. Boyd Law School Professors, Addie Rolnick, Frank Rudy Cooper, and Stewart Chang, just published another ridiculous and asinine race-baiting dystopian fantasy, a new genre of law school journal article that was especially created for US law schools’ Get Sarah Braasch Killed Moral Outrage Industry.

And the incredibly racist and evil and stupid Elijah Anderson of Yale just published his ridiculous and asinine Living While Black Race Hoax book, Black in White Space.

I live inside of a surreal and hellish nightmare that won’t end, because the evil demons who are trying to make Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money off of turning me into a corpse will never stop attacking me until I’m dead. I’m the proof that their ideologies and careers are based upon nothing but utter Woke bigotry and stupidity.

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Philosophy Academia is Morally and Intellectually Bankrupt.

If you’re so stupid and have such poor critical thinking skills that you can’t figure out how not to be part of a witch hunt and mob at Yale that destroys the life of an innocent civil rights attorney (and almost gets her killed), then you have no business being a Philosophy Professor.

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