My YouTube Channel Hits a Milestone (or 2)! Please subscribe!

I’m so happy. My YouTube Channel hit well over 1.5 Million impressions, 6200 viewing hours, almost 162,000 views, and 478 subscribers!

That’s awesome.

My YouTube Channel may not have taken off quite as much as I had hoped, but it still has been a huge part of my campaigns to save my life and career, get the TRUTH out about the Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got me killed and destroyed my human and civil rights career, restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale and everywhere, and end Woke Cancel Culture, Trial by Twitter, the Fake News Press, and the Moral Outrage Industry.

I am so happy that I started my YouTube Channel, and I plan to continue it indefinitely.

Thank you to all of you beautiful people who have supported me there.

Please subscribe, like, comment, and share, so that I can eventually monetize my channel.

Here is my latest YouTube video:

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