Why It Was Important For Me to Get My Twitter Account Back (This is What It is to Truly Be Canceled)

I want to go on record about a few things, because I’m sick of the disgusting lies being told about me on a daily basis. This is why it was important for me to get my Twitter Account back, because when I was suspended, my stalkers thought they had carte blanche to LIE about me constantly.

I am getting my PhD from Yale this semester. I am submitting and defending my Yale Dissertation, my Saving the World Project, this semester. This will be my 7th degree, my 3rd from Yale. I already have the MA and the MPhil from Yale.

The ONLY reason I didn’t get my PhD and defend my Yale dissertation last semester is because of Richard Painter’s now 5 month long Twitter campaign to destroy my life. I have been living inside of a hellish nightmare for the past 5 months. I have been intermittently suicidal.

I have the full support of the Yale Philosophy Department, and especially my amazing and wonderful PhD Dissertation Committee, Jason Stanley, Scott Shapiro, and my Reader, Princeton’s marvelous Lara Buchak, an expert in game theory. I love them all dearly.

I am ABD, which means All But Dissertation. When you are in a PhD Program, and you are done with your years of classes, teaching for a stipend, and dissertation writing on fellowship, you aren’t registered as a student, but you can still submit your dissertation & get your PhD.

I struggled for months to find a job, any job (not just in law or academia) after the Yale Grad School yanked away my graduate student stipend early. I was terrified that I was going to end up on the streets. I am still terrified that I will end up starving on the streets.

I am currently working 2 jobs. I still work as a pro bono attorney for the legal aid center on a small number of cases, and I work at my remote job stopping the evictions of families with kids from their apartments. I made just over $20k in 2021. Yale decimated my earning capacity.

Nearly every single penny that has been donated to my Go Fund Me has gone to my fantastic and awesome attorneys at Randazza Legal Group, Jay Wolman and Marc Randazza, to fight to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale. I love them. My GoFundMe is the antithesis of a Fraud.

I have been under constant attack, especially during the past 5 months, because of Richard Painter’s campaign to destroy me and all of the stalkers he has incited. They are still, at this moment, trying to get me fired, disbarred, expelled, and de-platformed and kicked off GoFundMe.

My current legal bill from Randazza is just over $25k. I have no expectation that I will continue to be able to raise any significant donations to pay this bill. There are just too many very powerful people and organizations who want to destroy me and stop me from getting the TRUTH out.

I am the opposite of a grifter. I fully expect to have to pay my legal bill myself. I continue to make payments towards my legal bill as I am able to do so. I just made another $1k payment towards my legal bill not long ago. That being said, I would absolutely love some help.

I am still moving back to MN to live with my beloved sister. I think I will feel so much better and not in a constant state of terror that my stalkers will be successful in destroying what remains of my life. I think it will be so good for me. If you want to help, please do.

I also have approximately $300k in student loan debt, mostly from law school. I doubt, at this point, that I will ever be able to even make payments towards this debt, because Yale has so thoroughly destroyed my capacity to make money by destroying my reputation and livelihood.

So, this is what it really means to be canceled. This is the TRUTH. My life and career and livelihood and reputation have been decimated. I am still fighting for Justice with no expectation of help from anyone. I am doing it for those who have already committed suicide.

If you wish to support me, as I seek justice, it would mean the world to me. Here are my PayPalMe and GoFundMe links. 

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