Please Donate to My Legal Fund So I Can Sue the Journal “Nature.” Today, they published what can only be construed as a Death Threat Against Me for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry $$$.

Please know that Nature, the publication that claims to be the world’s leading scientific journal, attempted to Lynch me today, according to the NAACP’s definition of a lynching as a public killing without Due Process. This is Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

Today, Nature published what can only be construed as a Death Threat against me, meant to incite my murder and drive me to suicide and destroy what remains of my life, which isn’t much.

Today, Nature tried to get me killed over an almost 4 year old non-event and non-crime at Yale, for which I already almost died many times over, and for which I already lost my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers.

I am struggling just to stay alive; I am struggling just to survive and to stay off the streets. I am living in poverty.

But, this isn’t enough punishment for Nature, for a perfectly obvious Living While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale from almost 4 years ago.

Nature isn’t going to stop attacking me until I’m dead, because Nature has gone full Woke, and I am an existential threat to them, because I am the PROOF that they are evil, lying bigots and charlatans and frauds.

Nature couldn’t care less about Racism or Black people or Police Brutality. Nature cares about lining their pockets with Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry Money, and they don’t care if they have to get an innocent Yale grad student and lifelong civil rights attorney killed to do it. In fact, they want me dead, so that they can make more money off my corpse.

Nature published a race-baiting dystopian fantasy and Living While Black Race Hoax article, because they don’t seem to care anymore about publishing science.

They aren’t even pretending to be a scientific journal anymore.

They just push Woke Ideology and dogma and obvious Living While Black Race and Hate Crime Hoaxes. Nature thought I was the perfect victim to get killed to make Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money, because they regard my life as worthless, because of my mental health disabilities and because they see me as a poor white trash interloper who doesn’t deserve to be at Yale.

Nothing could have been more obvious than the fact that the video Lolade Siyonbola took of me was meant as a public campaign to shame me for my mental health disabilities by grossly violating my privacy. And, the Yale Administration participated in the Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax, because they had been targeting me for years for being a poor white trash interloper who had the temerity to defend the Federal Civil Rights of an Evangelical Black man at Yale, our only POC job candidate in the Philosophy Department at the time.

The Yale Admin wanted me dead for being an unWoke and deeply committed civil libertarian who had infiltrated the inner sanctum of Wokeness.

This is the hellish nightmare that I still live in almost 4 years later, because Yale President Peter Salovey refuses to tell the simple, honest to God TRUTH and save my life.

Nature has destroyed themselves. They have betrayed their journalistic, academic, scientific, and ethical obligations. They need to retract this Death Threat article against me, and get down on their hands and knees and beg my forgiveness.

Nature needs to shutter themselves in abject shame for what they did to me. But, we know that they have no shame. Nature is a farce, a travesty of a scientific journal.

Please donate to my legal fund, so that I can sue Nature for telling the most disgusting LIES about me and for putting my life in the gravest of danger.

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