Woke KKK Fake News Press Nature Still Trying to Get Me Killed 5 Years After Witch Hunt at Yale, b/c it’s Easier to Kill a Vulnerable Nobody than Publish Science for $$$

I will have so much more to say about this, but I’m in a state of shock to discover that Nature, the world’s leading science journal, is continuing their campaign to get me killed and drive me to suicide to this very day.

I guess it’s easier to drive a vulnerable poor white trash nobody to suicide via Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money than it is to actually do or publish science.

The icing on the cake is that Nature chose to try to get me killed in their women’s rights issue. Nature 100% knows that I’m an innocent Yale graduate student, woman in STEM (engineering), and human and civil rights attorney. I am susceptible to suicide and have already lived a life of egregious trauma. I am a woman who has overcome extreme disadvantage and fought my way to a Yale PhD, based only on the quality of my work. I have mental health disabilities, including PTSD. Nature decided it was ok to try to kill me for money, because they regard my life as worthless, because they see me as poor white trash, as an unworthy interloper at Yale, and they thought that I would never be able to fight back, because of my mental health disabilities.


Nature has become a Woke KKK Fake News Press that Exists to Push Living While Black Race Hoaxes

Nature has stopped pretending that it has any other purpose than to push Living While Black Race Hoaxes for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money and gain.

Nature has become a full-fledged Woke KKK Fake News Press whose raison d’être is their Shaun King/ACLU/The Appeal Style Twitter Race Hustler business model of trying to drive private citizen nobodies to suicide via Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

You might be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with science? Nothing. It has nothing to do with science. It has nothing to do with advancing truth. It doesn’t even have anything to do with advancing justice, social or otherwise. It has everything to do with making money by peddling sensationalized defamation.

And, just like the mainstream Fake News Press, Nature has learned that attacking private citizen nobodies is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to make a buck without fear of being sued for defamation, thanks to New York Times v. Sullivan. It’s especially lucrative to attack the vulnerable, those with mental health disabilities and without the resources to defend themselves. Poor white trash make the best victims of Living While Black Race Hoaxes. (The irony being that Nature is gatekeeping for Yale and the Ivy League — to keep out the crazy, old poor white trash interlopers like me, who don’t BELONG there.) All they need do is pretend that it’s a matter of public interest when a Karen Goes Wild on a college campus, i.e., takes reasonable precautions to enter her isolated Yale dorm room safely when she is followed by a stranger in violation of Yale housing regulations. By the way, another local student was just stabbed to death on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, the home of Yale University, a particularly dangerous and crime ridden city. Does anyone remember Me Too? The Kavanaugh hearings?

Everyone conveniently forgets that Yale student housing is a cesspool and no woman is safe there when it’s a white woman being followed by a Black man up to her isolated Yale dorm room. In that instance, quite obviously, the white woman is trying to lynch the Black man via the Yale Campus Police, if she even thinks about calling the non-emergency helpline thereof, or even thinks about taking reasonable measures to secure her personal safety. Even questioning the Black man’s presence, ever, even on a narrow landing immediately in front of her isolated Yale dorm room door, is an abomination, a perpetration of a racist hate crime, and nothing less than an attempted lynching. She is more than a Karen Gone Wild. She is a Carolyn Bryant seeking the death of another innocent Emmett Till.

Nature should shutter themselves in abject shame for publishing yet another Living While Black Race Hoax article, a pure race-baiting dystopian fantasy starring me as the central Black student lynching villain. Almost 4 years after the Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got an innocent civil rights attorney killed, Nature, a purported science journal, doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money generating Living While Black Race Hoax.

Nature published a ridiculously stupid Woke KKK article by Tamra Blue. Of course it pushes the perfectly obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale more than 4 years after the least newsworthy event of 2018. Because there is apparently so much anti-Black racism on college campuses that the only instance thereof Tamra Blue could think of to kick off her Woke KKK article was a perfectly obvious Hate Crime Hoax from over 4 years ago. You would think if racism is rampant, an epidemic even, in Academia, that she might have been able to come up with a more egregious, and more recent, example.

Oh no. I called the non-emergency helpline of the Yale Campus Police, really Campus Security, exactly as I had been instructed to do by the Yale Administration, because I was being harassed in my isolated Yale dorm room for months. Clearly, I am responsible for thwarting the success of all Black students in STEM. Never mind that I am a woman in STEM.

I can legitimately call myself a rocket scientist. I graduated with two summa cum laude engineering degrees (1 in mechanical engineering and 1 in aerospace engineering and mechanics) from the University of Minnesota in 1997. I was often 1 of two or three women in a class of 100 at the U of MN. I led the way and broke down the barriers to STEM for those that followed, including Tamra Blue. You’re welcome. Thanks for thanking me by contributing to the Get Sarah Braasch Killed Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry in Academia.

Moreover, I continue to be a woman in STEM. My Saving the World Project, an analysis of how to minimize the oppression inherent to our social institutions, incorporates an agent based computational model and simulations in Matlab of how a social institution/convention arises in a population, evolves and devolves, and, eventually, collapses. I employ cooperative and competitive game theory and decision theory in my work. I also developed a social psychological study on the nature of authority, the nature of legitimacy, and the nature of the relationship between the two, before I had to flee Yale’s campus for my life while being taunted by a Woke mob.

I demand that Nature retract this Living While Black Race Hoax article that puts my life in danger. I am still struggling to survive and stay off the streets almost 5 years after the Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got me killed. It’s the least you can do for a fellow woman in STEM.


Please Donate to My Legal Fund so I can Sue the Journal “Nature.” Today They Published What Can Only Be Construed as a Death Threat Against Me for Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry $$$.

Please know that Nature, the publication that claims to be the world’s leading scientific journal, attempted to Lynch me today, according to the NAACP’s definition of a lynching as a public killing without Due Process. This is Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

Today, Nature published what can only be construed as a Death Threat against me, meant to incite my murder and drive me to suicide and destroy what remains of my life, which isn’t much.

Today, Nature tried to get me killed over an almost 4 year old non-event and non-crime at Yale, for which I already almost died many times over, and for which I already lost my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers.

I am struggling just to stay alive; I am struggling just to survive and to stay off the streets. I am living in poverty.

But, this isn’t enough punishment for Nature, for a perfectly obvious Living While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale from almost 4 years ago.

Nature isn’t going to stop attacking me until I’m dead, because Nature has gone full Woke, and I am an existential threat to them, because I am the PROOF that they are evil, lying bigots and charlatans and frauds.

Nature couldn’t care less about Racism or Black people or Police Brutality. Nature cares about lining their pockets with Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry Money, and they don’t care if they have to get an innocent Yale grad student and lifelong civil rights attorney killed to do it. In fact, they want me dead, so that they can make more money off my corpse.

Nature published a race-baiting dystopian fantasy and Living While Black Race Hoax article, because they don’t seem to care anymore about publishing science.

They aren’t even pretending to be a scientific journal anymore.

They just push Woke Ideology and dogma and obvious Living While Black Race and Hate Crime Hoaxes. Nature thought I was the perfect victim to get killed to make Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money, because they regard my life as worthless, because of my mental health disabilities and because they see me as a poor white trash interloper who doesn’t deserve to be at Yale.

Nothing could have been more obvious than the fact that the video Lolade Siyonbola took of me was meant as a public campaign to shame me for my mental health disabilities by grossly violating my privacy. And, the Yale Administration participated in the Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax, because they had been targeting me for years for being a poor white trash interloper who had the temerity to defend the Federal Civil Rights of an Evangelical Black man at Yale, our only POC job candidate in the Philosophy Department at the time.

The Yale Admin wanted me dead for being an unWoke and deeply committed civil libertarian who had infiltrated the inner sanctum of Wokeness.

This is the hellish nightmare that I still live in almost 4 years later, because Yale President Peter Salovey refuses to tell the simple, honest to God TRUTH and save my life.

Nature has destroyed themselves. They have betrayed their journalistic, academic, scientific, and ethical obligations. They need to retract this Death Threat article against me, and get down on their hands and knees and beg my forgiveness.

Nature needs to shutter themselves in abject shame for what they did to me. But, we know that they have no shame. Nature is a farce, a travesty of a scientific journal.

Please donate to my legal fund, so that I can sue Nature for telling the most disgusting LIES about me and for putting my life in the gravest of danger.

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