The Harassment I Endured at Yale During Spring 2018, Resulting in the Living While Black Hate Crime Hoax

Below please find my The Harassment I Endured at Yale During Spring 2018, Resulting in the Living While Black Hate Crime Hoax YouTube Channel Video and Transcript. Many persons have requested transcripts of my videos, and I will provide them here, especially the videos of my full, detailed account of what really happened during the now notorious Living or Napping While Black incident at Yale, which was actually a hate crime hoax, and the Yale Administration and the Yale Campus Police were complicit.

Here is the The Harassment I Endured at Yale During Spring 2018, Resulting in the Living While Black Hate Crime Hoax YouTube Channel Video:

Here is the transcript thereof:

Hello.  This is Sarah Braasch.  Welcome or welcome back to my channel. 

Today I am going to discuss the harassment I endured in my dorm room and on Yale’s campus this past spring between February 24thand May 8th, 2018, which culminated in the notorious Living or Napping While Black incident.  

I will devote an entire video to discussing what occurred on February 24th, 2018, but I just want to point out that I was the person who was terrorized in my isolated dorm room that evening.  I was terrified and trapped in my dorm room, unable to leave for hours.  

The harassment I endured occurred in stages.  It seemed that my attackers changed tactics each time I really put my foot down in my appeals to Provosts Stephanie Spangler and Cynthia Smith.  

The first stage took place between February 24th, 2018, and approximately April 6th, 2018.  It was during this time that I believe that I was primarily being harassed by the Resident Coordinators of the Hall of Graduate Studies, my dormitory.  I believe, now more than ever, that the Resident Coordinators were acting with my attackers to harass me.  I believe that at least one of the Resident Coordinators may have actually been present at the party that took place in the 12thfloor common room on the evening of February 24th, 2018, and I believe that she may have participated in terrorizing me in my dorm room that evening. I believe that the Resident Coordinators acted with my attackers in order to retaliate against me, because they blamed me for having been reprimanded by the Yale Housing Managers for their behavior on February 24th.  

As I had mentioned in my prior video, the Yale Housing Managers had said that they would be more than happy to simply close the 12thfloor common room for the duration of the academic year, but when I subsequently requested as much, I was told by the Resident Coordinators that they refused to close it.  I then asked that it at least be closed to parties, and I was ignored.  Between February 24thand April 6th, 2018, the Resident Coordinators booked parties in the 12thfloor common room as never before, parties that were in even more egregious violation of housing regulations, which went late into the evening, well into quiet hours, and which were raucous and obnoxiously loud.  Additionally, the room was consistently trashed and trash was strewn about everywhere, in the stairwell, with the nearby trash bins overflowing and mounds of garbage piled up next to them, causing the entire stairwell to reek.  

This occurred more often than it ever had before, even though the Resident Coordinators had made a commitment to monitor use of the 12thfloor common room, to ensure that the housing regulations were being abided by.  

I interpreted this as retaliation for my having asserted my rights to live in a safe environment and to be able to take reasonable precautions to enter my dorm room safely, including by calling the non emergency helpline of the Yale campus police if need be.  I let the Provosts and Yale Housing know that I regarded it as such.  

I ended up recording the noise coming through the adjoining wall into my dorm room during one of the parties, and I took pictures of the overflowing trash bins.  I sent this evidence, via email, to the Provosts, as well as Yale Housing, and I demanded that the Resident Coordinators desist in booking outrageous parties in the 12thfloor common room to retaliate against me for having asserted my rights under both Title IX and the ADA.  

I was assured by the Provosts that they had dealt with Yale Housing, and that this behavior would cease altogether.  

At this point, I believe that my attackers changed tactics.

Between approximately April 6thand April 24th, the focus of the harassment and attacks was on my dorm room door.  Someone would approach my door at least once each evening, late in the evening, and grab the door handle, shaking it ferociously, as if they were attempting to break into my room.  Sometimes they would also pound on the door.  Sometimes they would also scream or yell.  

Of course this was terrifying.  

Around the 24thof April, prompted by a follow up email by Provosts Spangler and Smith, I made them aware of the harassment.  I also sent an email to Officer Grace Schenkle to let her know of the harassment. She told me that she would add the information to the police report that she had filed.  

At this time, I was told by the Provosts and Officer Schenkle to call the Yale campus police at any time for any reason.  

I told them that I had not been calling the Yale campus police, because I was terrified of further retaliation.  

I also told them that I did not know who was harassing me, as my door had no peep hole, and I had been doing as instructed by not opening my door, not confronting my harassers, and not saying anything to them in response thru the door.  I did tell the Provosts and Officer Schenkle that I strongly suspected the Resident Coordinators and the students who were involved in the February 24thincident.  

Provosts Spangler and Smith said that they would address the matter with Yale Housing.  I demanded to be refunded any rent payments to Yale Housing as my dorm room was uninhabitable, due to the fact that I was being terrorized in my own home, and Yale was doing absolutely nothing to address this.  I begged the Provosts and Yale Housing to close the 12thfloor common room, as it was only being used as an excuse and a vehicle to harass and attack me. I begged the Provosts and Yale Housing to tell the Resident Coordinators and the students who had been involved in the February 24thincident to stay away from me, my dorm room, and the 12thfloor of the Hall of Graduate Studies, as they had promised me that they would do.  

I wished for nothing more than to leave, but I was trapped, as I had to be in New Haven, to teach, but I simply lacked the funds to remove to a nearby hotel.  

I began to make arrangements to leave campus as soon as was feasible.  I began to pack up my belongings, and I made arrangements and began removing items to a storage facility in New Haven.  I asked friends of mine in NYC if I could come and stay with them as soon as possible.  

I began to be afraid for my life.  I know that when harassment escalates like that that the next step is physical violence. I told the Yale Administration and the Yale campus police as much.  

Between approximately April 24thand May 8th, 2018, which was the final stage of the harassment, my attackers’ tactics changed yet again.  

The focus during the final stage of harassment was on the adjoining wall between the 12thfloor common room and my dorm room.  

Instead of holding raucous parties in the 12thfloor common room, and instead of attacking my dorm room door, it seemed as though there were just a couple of persons, maybe two or three, who would scream and yell into my dorm room from the 12thfloor common room, thru the adjoining wall on most evenings. Of course, I now believe strongly that this was the man and the woman who made numerous television appearances for the purpose of defaming me.  

There was also a great deal of slamming of doors, both the elevator door and the common room door.

I will do an entirely separate video to address what actually happened on the evening of May 7thand the early morning of May 8th.  Suffice it to say that I was terrorized on that evening as well. 

Additionally, I had mentioned that I had begun hearing myself being discussed, as I walked across campus, as a racist who should be kicked off campus and thrown out of school, and I now believe that my movement to and from my dorm was being tracked and that I was being stalked, perhaps not consistently.  There were at least two other occurrences of a similar nature.  I did not record the exact dates upon which these occurred.  One such occurrence involved a group of presumed Yale students discussing me in similar terms, as I exited the Yale Post Office.  They all stopped and glared at me as I exited the building.  I now believe that they followed me there and waited for me to exit.  

As much as I documented, I wish that I had documented even more.  I was tremendously busy throughout the semester.  And, I never could have imagined that something like this could have happened.  

It still shocks me, as in I still literally go into physical shock sometimes, when I think of what was done to me.  A group of Yale students, assisted by the Resident Coordinators, Yale Housing, the Yale Administration, and the Yale campus police, waged a months long campaign to destroy my life, to settle a delusional, jealous, and obsessive personal vendetta against me.  They also weaponized the black social justice movement, including the Living While Black movement, to destroy my life and try to get me killed, thereby destroying the Living While Black movement in the process.

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