What Happened at Yale on February 24th, 2018, Before the Now Infamous Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax YouTube Channel Videos and Transcripts (Parts I, II, and III)

Below please find my What Happened at Yale on February 24th, 2018, Before the Now Infamous Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax YouTube Channel Videos and Transcripts (Parts I, II, and III). Many persons have requested transcripts of my videos, and I will provide them here, especially the videos of my full, detailed account of what really happened during the now notorious Living or Napping While Black incident at Yale, which was actually a hate crime hoax, and the Yale Administration and the Yale Campus Police were complicit.

Here is the What Happened at Yale on February 24th, 2018, Before the Now Infamous Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax YouTube Channel Video and Transcript (Part I): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky4FA95nYpM

Here is the What Happened at Yale on February 24th, 2018, Before the Now Infamous Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax YouTube Channel Video and Transcript (Part II): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOFLhbkBvW4

Here is the What Happened at Yale on February 24th, 2018, Before the Now Infamous Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax YouTube Channel Video and Transcript (Part III): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZcMLeJ3UMA

Here is the transcript thereof:

Hello.  This is Sarah Braasch.  Welcome or welcome back to my channel.  

Today I am going to talk about exactly what actually happened on February 24th, 2018, that led to this entire nightmare unfolding.  

I know that you will find that it was completely ludicrous and asinine for my attackers and Yale to have waged a months long campaign to destroy my life, discredit my work, and try to get me killed over the absolute nothing that I did wrong on February 24th.  

I still sometimes literally go into physical shock when I think about what was done to me over the absolute nothing that I did wrong on February 24th.  The Yale Housing Managers also investigated what happened and determined that not only had I done nothing wrong, but that I was the only person involved who had done nothing wrong.  

The only thing I tried to do that evening was take reasonable precautions to enter my dorm room safely.  That was the only thing I tried to do.  

This account of what occurred also exists in the form of a Yale campus police report, filed with Officer Grace Schenkle on March 9th, 2018.  Officer Schenkle was very kind to me, and her report is largely correct with a couple of minor errors.  She also recorded our conversation on her body camera.  

On February 24th, 2018, in the early evening, I had left my dorm to grab something to eat. When I returned I approached the small tower elevator.  I waited for the elevator, seemingly by myself.

I made it a point never to ride up in the elevator with anyone else, especially not men, and especially not a single other man, alone.

I had a very scary and serious safety threat take place the year prior, involving access to my dorm room. 

Also, I admit to being hyper vigilant with respect to my personal safety.  I have endured a life of great trauma and violence, including sexual violence.  I also suffer from mental health disabilities, including post traumatic stress disorder.  

Additionally, I know that people who are not residents try to sneak into the elevator behind residents, because the elevator may only be operated with a resident’s dorm room key, in order to get to residents’ rooms, as well as the 12thfloor common room for parties.  

The elevator arrived, I opened the heavy outer door and the inner gate.  As I reached out my hand to catch the heavy outer door, I was surprised that it didn’t fall back onto my hand.  Someone had caught it.  I could not see who it was.  I had no idea if the person was a man or a woman.  

The person followed me into the elevator.  I saw that this person was a man.  I was very uncomfortable, because, for personal safety reasons, as I mentioned, I much prefer to take the elevator alone.  

At the time, it felt to me as if this person had snuck in to the elevator behind me, as people were wont to do.  But, I didn’t want to assume that this was anything more than a coincidence.

I decided to wait and let the man use his own dorm room key to operate the elevator.  

He seemed to be waiting for me to use my dorm room key and made no motion whatsoever that indicated that he had any intention of using his own.  

It was at this point that I was fairly sure that this person was not a resident.

I thought for a moment about simply stepping out of the elevator, which I now, of course, wish that I had done.  None of this would have happened if I had simply stepped out of the elevator.  

Of course, I did not fail to notice that the man was a black man.  I am a human and civil rights attorney activist who works on the issues of implicit bias and police brutality, and a part of the reason why I chose not to step out of the elevator is because I didn’t want him to think that I was acting out of racial bias, either implicit or explicit.

I decided to remain calm. Probably nothing untoward was happening, I told myself.  

I used my key to start the elevator.  Then, I made the mistake of selecting my own floor, 12, before I asked the man which floor he needed.  He said, 12.

Of course, this made me even more uncomfortable, because I was concerned that he had only said 12, because I had already selected the 12thfloor.

I again decided to remain calm and not jump to conclusions.  I thought to myself, “Perhaps the man is going to a party in the 12thfloor common room, regardless of whether he is actually a resident or no.  Perhaps it has already begun, and when we get off the elevator, he will simply enter the 12thfloor common room, and I’ll be able to enter my dorm room safely. 

When we got to the 12thfloor, we both exited the elevator.  The entirety of the 12thfloor of the tower of the Hall of Graduate Studies consists of a small landing with the door to my dorm room on one side and the door to the small 12thfloor common room on the other.  

The 12thfloor common room door was shut.  It is always locked and a resident must use one’s key to enter.  I did not hear any noise that would indicate that there was any kind of event taking place therein.  I waited for the man to either use his own resident key to enter, or to knock on the door to be let in.  

It seemed to me that the man was just standing there, waiting for me to enter my dorm room, whether he meant this to be the case or no.  I was not about to open my dorm room door in front of a stranger.  I have heard one too many horror stories of women begin pushed into their apartments or hotel rooms, women who were often followed, but who didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so they said nothing about being followed.  

I decided again to remain calm.  I simply walked down the stairs to the 11thfloor.  I waited for a few minutes, to see if the man was going to enter the common room, call someone, or simply leave.  He did not.  

I entered a side stairwell. I waited inside a few minutes.  I was really just hoping that the situation would resolve itself by the man either leaving or someone coming to get him, so that I could enter my dorm room safely.  All I wanted was to enter my dorm room safely.  

I walked slowly up the side staircase.  The side staircase opens into the interior of the 12thfloor common room.  I waited.  I took my time.  Then, I went into the 12thfloor common room.  It was dark.  No one was in there.  Nothing was happening.  There was no party and no event of any kind taking place.

The 12thfloor common room also lacks a peephole, but I waited near the door, trying to listen and trying to determine if the man had left or no.  

For some reason it seemed quiet.  I thought that maybe the man had left or someone had come to retrieve him.  I decided to try to get across the landing to my dorm room.  

I opened the door slowly and peeked outside.  There was no one on the landing on the 12thfloor.  I felt an enormous sense of relief.  I thought the man had left.  I made a beeline for my dorm room door.  I was happy to be able to enter my dorm room safely without having to have a confrontation with the man.  

I stepped out onto the landing.  When I got about halfway across the landing, someone called out to me from the landing beneath me, between the 11thand 12thfloors.  It was the man from the elevator.  

He said, “Hey, where’s the common room?”

At that point, I thought for a split second about not responding to him and just getting inside my dorm room.  I felt that I could enter my dorm room before he could get to me, if I needed to.  But, again, I didn’t want to be rude.  

So, I stopped, and I pointed to the 12thfloor common room.  I said, “That’s the common room, but you have to be a resident and have a key to get inside.  There’s no one in there.  There’s nothing going on in there.  If you’re not supposed to be here, then I have to ask you to leave.”

The man said to me, “I’m a student.”

I said, “It doesn’t matter. In order to use the common room, you have to be a resident and have a key.  There’s nothing going on in there.  No one is in there.  I’m a woman, alone, and you’re making me nervous.  You’re not supposed to be here, and I need to ask you to leave.”

He scoffed at me, and began to make his way down the stairs.  

I went inside my dorm room. I thought for a moment about whether or not I should call the Yale campus police, and then I decided to err on the side of caution, and go ahead and give them a call.  

I called the non emergency helpline for the Yale campus police.  

The first thing I said to the officer who answered was, “I’m not sure if I really need your assistance or no.”

The officer told me, “No problem, just tell me what happened.”

So, I told him, and then he said, “Well, we’ll go ahead and send someone by, just in case, just to make sure that everything is ok, and they’ll come and talk to you.”

I said, “That’s great. Thank you so much.”  And, then I hung up.

Some time later, it seemed that some sort of party or event had begun in the 12thfloor common room.  

I never heard the Yale campus police arrive, which surprised me, because usually you can hear them quite easily, because of the beeps and noise that their radios make.

But, sometime thereafter I realized that the Yale campus police must have come, because I began to be terrorized in my dorm room.  

It sounded to me as though there were small groups of students, perhaps two or three at a time, who would approach my door and yell thru my door into my dorm room.  

They were making mocking and taunting comments.  Saying things like, “Oh, fuck, we’re making her nervous.  Oh, hell no, she’s going to call the police on us.”

I was, of course, terrified. I was trapped in my room for hours, unable to leave.  

I never opened my door. I never confronted my attackers. I never yelled or said anything back thru my door.  I could not see my attackers, because my dorm room door has no peephole.  

At the time, I had no thought that their verbal attacks were racially motivated.  I simply thought that they were upset that I had called the Yale campus police.  

I didn’t want to call the Yale campus police again, because I was terrified of further retaliation.

I sent an email to the Resident Coordinators of the Hall of Graduate Studies, telling them what had occurred, and asking that the students who had been terrorizing me that evening not be allowed to hold events in the 12thfloor common room anymore.

I did not hear back from the Resident Coordinators until many hours later.  Their email seemed, to me, to insinuate that I had done something wrong, and also indicated that they were present at the party in the 12thfloor common room, and had spoken with the Yale campus police, the man whom I had encountered, and the resident who had invited him.  So, they must have been present when I was being terrorized in my dorm room that evening.  

I want to make clear that no one came to speak to me that evening.  The Yale campus police failed to speak to me.  The Resident Coordinators spoke to everyone but me.  

The email of the Resident Coordinators said that they wanted me to attend a public meeting the following week to address the incident and to explain my behavior, a public meeting that had already been dedicated to housing options for residents for the subsequent academic year.

I was shocked by the email of the Resident Coordinators.  

I did not respond immediately.

A couple of minutes thereafter, one of the Yale Housing Managers, who had been copied on the Resident Coordinators’ email, responded to everyone.  She asked me to come in to speak with her as soon as possible.  

The email of the Yale Housing Manager expressed concern for the distress that I had experienced.  

As I’ve already mentioned, when I spoke with the Yale Housing Managers two days thereafter, they told me that they were severely disappointed in the behavior of the Resident Coordinators, and that they would be reprimanded.  They told me that I had done absolutely nothing wrong and not to give the incident another thought.  They told me that they would deal with all of the other Yale students involved, including the ones who had harassed me that evening.

I was perfectly satisfied with this resolution.  I had no desire to destroy anyone’s life.  I only wanted to return to my dissertation in peace and to be left alone in my isolated dorm room.  

I know it’s hard to believe, but this is what happened the resulted in my attackers and the Yale Administration and the Yale campus police waging a months long campaign to destroy my life and discredit my work and to try to get me killed.  

This is all that happened that provoked a delusional, jealous, and obsessive personal vendetta against me in the minds of my attackers.  

This is all that happened that provoked my attackers to terrorize me in my isolated dorm for months, my own home, while the Yale Administration and the Yale campus police stood by and did nothing.  

It also shocks me.  It still shocks me.  

I feel like I’m living inside a nightmare.  I sometimes still think that I’ll wake up and this will all have been a bad dream.  

There are still people who are hunting me, trying to kill me for this.  

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