Twitter Has Now Locked my Account for the Remainder of my Wrongful Suspension, Because I Had the Audacity to Continue Criticizing Them

Twitter has now completely locked me out of my Twitter Account, for having the audacity to criticize them for having wrongfully punished me, because I had the audacity to question and then criticize them. Please know this.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Twitter has now wrongfully completely locked my Twitter account for the remaining 10 hours of my suspension from tweeting, etc., because I had the audacity to continue criticizing Twitter for having wrongfully suspended me for five, and then six, days, because I had the audacity to appeal their wrongful 12 hour suspension against me for having simply told the truth about the fact that Joy Reid, a public figure and journalist with an MSNBC cable news show and over a million Twitter followers, tried to cyber bully me, a private citizen nobody and a woman with mental health disabilities, including severe PTSD, into suicide. She also helped destroy my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers by telling disgusting lies about me. And, she helped to destroy the Living While Black movement, by perpetuating Race and Hate Crime Hoaxes, including the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. For this reason, I called her a racist, lying bigot and fraud.

When Twitter suspended me for 12 hours, I appealed. This is when Twitter imposed further suspensions and restrictions against me, for having had the audacity to appeal. I wanted to establish once and for all that I have the right to call out the public figures and journalists who almost got me killed and sent me into hiding for over a year to save my life. I am still more or less in hiding. They incited harassment and mobs and stalking and violence against me. I couldn’t do this to them, even if I wanted to do so.

And, now, because I had the audacity to criticize Twitter for their wrongful suspension of me, they have imposed further restrictions on my Twitter account, to punish me further. I can no longer browse Twitter or send or receive direct messages to or from my followers.

Shame on you, Twitter. Shame on you. I told you that I was using my Twitter account to try to save my life and human and civil rights academic and legal careers. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am an innocent civil libertarian and civil rights activist who has never engaged in racist behavior in her life. And, you are trying to prevent the truth from coming out, to cover up your own wrongdoing, because you allowed and allow Woke Intersectional Feminists to violate your Terms of Service with impunity.

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