The Point I Was Trying to Make with my Shonda Rhimes Tweet Is:

The point I was trying to make with my Shonda Rhimes tweet, or, rather, the Main Point I was trying to make is this: If this can happen to me, a lifelong and entirely innocent human and civil rights licensed attorney activist working on a Saving the World project who had dedicated her life to fighting oppression, then this can happen to literally ANYONE. And, that should terrify you. If you think you’re safe from being cyber mobbed on twitter by blue check mark activists with millions of followers, if you think you’re safe from being defamed on a global scale, if you think this could never in a million years happen to you, you’re wrong.

That’s what I thought. I have never engaged in racist behavior in my life. It is antithetical to everything that I am. I grew up in a racially integrated religious cult, the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The notion that I would be suspicious of a black person because of the color of their skin is too ludicrous to contemplate, except as an indication of how stupid someone is. I had dedicated my life to fighting oppression in all of its many forms.

And, yet, I was vilified on a global scale as something akin to a genocidal villain. People were calling for me to be expelled from Yale, disbarred from the NYS Bar, stripped of my livelihood, raped, murdered, drawn and quartered. People, including blue check mark public figures on twitter with millions of followers did this. I never could have imagined in a million years that something like this could have happened to me. I was living like a hermit at the top of a tower on Yale’s campus, in my isolated dorm room, and I rarely left my room, because I was struggling with my mental health disabilities, including severe PTSD, and then a day or two later, Shonda Rhimes was tweeting about me, or, rather, tweeting about a grotesque effigy of me, someone whom I could never recognize as myself. She said that I’m terrified of black people and that I try to police them and that I’m the one who needs to be policed. She said that to her two million followers. Can you imagine how many of them sent me death threats after she did that? If she had even bothered to google my name, she would have seen immediately that I’m a lifelong human and civil rights activist. But, I was just some white woman to her who had been accused of racism by a black woman, so she couldn’t care less if she destroyed me.

Anyway, I just wanted to make that clear. I continue to wait to hear back from twitter. Again, I just want to make clear how preposterous this suspension is. I was pointing out the fact that I had been targeted, because of MY membership in protected classes. How on earth can this be hateful conduct, as twitter defines it, is beyond me. I was targeting NO ONE on the basis of their membership in a protected class. I was calling out Shonda Rhimes for having targeted ME on the basis of MY membership in protected classes. This is not the first time Twitter has punished me for doing this as hateful conduct. This is something that Twitter must address. I think that this must have been a mistake, and I think that this must have been an automated response. I can only assume that Twitter will correct this error.

I do recognize that if I do get my account back that I need to be super careful from now on. I have a target on my back, and Twitter has been less than sympathetic to my cause. I still need my twitter account to save my life and career at this point. I am actually beside myself with worry over the suspension. I hope it is resolved soon.

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