The Actual Shonda Rhimes Tweets for which I was Suspended by Twitter for Hateful Conduct (Shocker: It’s not hateful conduct.)

Here they are:


When @shondarhimes thinks it’s ok to try to cyber bully & mob an innocent civil rights activist w/ mental health disabilities into suicide on twitter, because she’s ostensibly crazy, poor white trash, you know we have a problem. If this can happen to me, it can happen to ANYONE.

And, the Reply:

All she had to do was google my name to learn that I am a human & civil rights activist who had dedicated her life to fighting oppression globally. No, she has never apologized to me for what she did. I can’t even guess how many death threats I received, b/c of what she did.

And, that’s all folks. 🙂

Dear friends, I love all of you so much for being concerned about me. Don’t worry. I’m not suicidal. I’m remaining calm during my Twitter suspension, which is indefinite, as far as I know, but I have submitted an appeal. Brian Leiter and Cathy Young and Skeptic Review (Gretchen) have been providing me with wonderful support. I have to believe that this was an automated overreaction during the holidays to an orchestrated mass reporting of a non event. I hope very much and expect to have the suspension lifted soon, as soon as it crosses the desk of an actual human being. I was suspended for hateful conduct, which Twitter defines as targeting someone for their membership in a protected class, and I obviously did NOTHING of the kind. The suspension is preposterous. Twitter has to find a better way to deal with mass reports as harassment. In fact, I was pointing out that I was the person who had been targeted, because of MY membership in protected classes. And, I was simply speaking the truth. If Twitter defines the truth as suspension worthy hate speech, then we’re in trouble. If Twitter defines even criticizing a public figure with 2 M followers who has attacked you, if the public figure happens to be a POC, as suspension worthy hate speech, then we’re in very serious trouble.

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