My YouTube Video About My Twitter Suspension, AND If You Want to Help Me Secure Justice, Please Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

I’m not groveling like Pete Buttigieg in front of Michael Harriot of The Root in this video, but I wanted to post a quick blog post with my YouTube Channel video about my Twitter suspension. I remain hopeful that Twitter will lift the suspension. I have told them that I truly still need my Twitter account to save my life and human and civil rights academic and legal careers, and I am prepared to accept whatever restrictions. Also, my Shonda Rhimes tweets were simply NOT Hateful Conduct. They just weren’t.

Also, I just wanted to ask everyone to please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. If you wish to help me secure justice, and you are unable to donate to my Legal Fund, the next best thing is to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I am getting really close to being able to monetize my YouTube Channel, which I hope to use to raise legal funds to sue Yale and the entire moral outrage industry, but I need more subscribers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s the YouTube Channel video:

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