My profound wish for the New Year is that everyone who has a sick obsession with me gets the professional help they so desperately need.

I have always been this incredibly polarizing person. People just either love me and will do anything for me, or they hate me and want to destroy me, usually out of jealousy and spite, and, yes, most often women. It’s always been that way.

But, my profound wish for the New Year is that all the lost souls who are beside themselves with jealousy and spite get the professional help that they need to get over their sick obsessions with me.

If you want to know which persons are pure evil and which persons are good and have love in their hearts, just look at how they are reacting to my Twitter suspension.

Those persons who are gloating about the loss of my Twitter Account, hoping that it will finally be the loss that pushes me over the edge and drives me to suicide, because they know that if I live and survive that they will be exposed as the racist liars and charlatans and frauds that they are, are the evil ones.

Those persons who have provided me succor and solace during my time of need and my wrongful suspension are the good ones with love in their hearts for me and humanity.

This isn’t personal. I am on a God given and guided path to restore civil liberties on college campuses, including at Yale, and everywhere, including both free speech and due process. I will never stop fighting for justice for everyone who has been falsely accused and cyber mobbed, including on twitter. With or without my Twitter account.

I will NEVER LIE. I would rather die with my integrity intact, because I know that I will be immediately embraced by my beautiful, red haired guardian angel brothers, and all those who watch over me, but not on Earth.

The fact of the matter is that I still desperately need my Twitter account to save my life and human and civil rights academic and legal careers. That’s just the honest to God truth. I’m feeling beside myself at the moment over the suspension. Yes, I have other venues, but nothing has been as effective as Twitter and nothing will be. Yes, of course, Twitter played a role in my demise, but it has also been my primary means of getting the truth out about the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. The only reason why I have any chance at all to save my life and career is because of Twitter. That’s just the simple truth.

Also, Twitter literally saved my life by providing me an outlet for my despair and by connecting me to supporters and fellow cancelleds and falsely accused. Twitter put me in touch with journalists who worked tirelessly to reveal the truth about my plight. No Twitter, no Cathy Young.

So, given this state of affairs, I am more than prepared to grovel like Pete Buttigieg in front of Michael Harriot of The Root. Ha ha ha ha. I couldn’t resist. But, seriously, I am prepared to accept whatever restrictions that Twitter Support wishes to impose to get my account reinstated. I am happy to stop using the @ function all together. I am happy to no longer name individuals at all. Whatever it takes.

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