In a Defining Me Too Moment, Twitter Makes Sure That My Stalker Has a Twitter Account, But I Do NOT, on the Say So of My Stalker

I just want everyone to realize what a defining Me Too moment this is — my stalker has a twitter account, but on my stalker’s say so, I do NOT. Because my stalker is black, and I am white. This is what Woke Intersectional Feminism has wrought.

Twitter has deemed it HATEFUL CONDUCT for a White Woman to object to being Harassed and Stalked by a Black Woman.

I guess I should have know that this was going to happen after the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. This is exactly what happened to me at Yale. Lolade Siyonbola targeted me for my mental health disabilities, and this was more than abundantly clear in the video that SHE recorded and distributed. And, I was globally vilified as a genocidal villain, because I objected to the Yale Administration and Police to being harassed and stalked by her.

The person who has been stalking me and others for months sent me a message to my blog, claiming responsibility for my suspension, and claiming to have reported me for the October 2019 tweet that resulted in my being locked out. And, the kicker is that the October 2019 tweet was a completely anodyne statement of fact — that this person (the same stalker) had been harassing me, that I had NEVER interacted with her, and that I blocked her immediately.

I am currently sending Twitter Support every single message, DM, and reply that this person has sent to me and others. This includes the messages where she tells me that she loves me and wants to testify in court for me against Yale and others and messages where she apologizes to me for not believing me and begs me to unblock her.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get my Twitter Account back soon.

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