My YouTube Video of My Complaint to the Better Business Bureau About Twitter Having Wrongfully Permanently Suspended Me for Hateful Conduct

Below is my YouTube Video of my complaint to the Better Business Bureau about Twitter having wrongfully permanently suspended me for Hateful Conduct for telling the truth and defending myself. The BBB has accepted my complaint and forwarded my complaint to Twitter, asking for a response. I am simply asking for my Twitter Account to be rightfully and fully restored:

My Twitter Account has been wrongfully permanently suspended for Hateful Conduct. I have never engaged in Hateful Conduct, defined by Twitter as targeting someone on the basis of their membership in a protected class, including by harassing them, threatening them, or inciting violence against them, in my life, on Twitter or otherwise. 

I believe that I was subjected to a 3 strikes and out policy. All 3 incidents were erroneous. The 1st was because I called out a public figure with a blue check mark and millions of followers for trying to cyber bully me, an innocent nobody with basically no twitter followers, into suicide. 

The 2nd report was for a tweet that simply made a correct factual statement that someone had harassed me and that I had NEVER interacted with this someone, and I had blocked this person. The person who reported this tweet was the subject of my statement, and my stalker, whom I have reported to Twitter and local law enforcement. 

The 3rd report was also made by my stalker (I will provide extensive evidence of the stalking of myself and others, as well as evidence of their bragging about having made the reports and having made Twitter suspend me) about a tweet in which I made the correct and simple factual claim that a public figure with a blue check mark and millions of followers incited a death threat sending mob against me on twitter. 

It simply cannot be Hateful Conduct to make correct and simple factual statements. It simply cannot be Hateful Conduct to tell the truth and defend myself. I am flabbergasted that Twitter has done this. 

I believe that I am being silenced by Twitter, because they played no small role in the global defamation campaign against me, an innocent nobody, which destroyed my life and lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers and almost drove me to suicide. I believe that I am being silenced by Twitter, because they know that I have legitimate defamation claims (non criminal) against MANY of their major players, including many blue check mark public figures with millions of followers.

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