ALL of the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale Emails will be Posted, Starting with the February 24th, 2018 Instigating Incident — Here it is — And, Away We Go

I am going to release ALL of the FULLY UN REDACTED Emails having ANYTHING to do with the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, because I did absolutely NOTHING wrong, and I have absolutely NOTHING to hide, and I am the entirely innocent victim in all of this.

Here is the first one. This is the email chain from the February 24th, 2018 incident, during which I was the victim of harassment. I had a reasonable concern for my personal safety, and I responded appropriately. The Yale Housing Managers investigated the incident, and they told me that not only had I done nothing wrong, but that I was the only person involved who had done nothing wrong. They told me that they would deal with the poor behavior of the Resident Coordinators of the Hall of Graduate Studies, as well as the poor behavior of the other Yale students involved, including the man whom I had encountered, the resident who had invited him, both of whom were in violation of Yale Housing Regulations, and the Yale students who had stood outside my dorm room door that evening, yelling mocking comments and obscenities into my room, through my door. I was trapped inside my room for hours, terrified to leave.

The Yale Housing Managers told me that they were very upset with the inappropriate behavior of the Resident Coordinators of the Hall of Graduate Studies, and that the RC’s would be reprimanded for how they had handled the situation. I believe this is what kicked off the first stage of harassment that I subsequently endured, which is how I interpreted the Resident Coordinators then going out of their way to book obnoxious, raucous all night parties in the 12th floor common room, the only other room on the 12th floor of the tower of HGS, besides my isolated dorm room.

It was following my exoneration by the Yale Housing Managers for the February 24th, 2018 incident that Lolade Siyonbola and Jean Louis Reneson wrote a letter to Yale Graduate School Diversity Dean and Title IX Coordinator Michelle Nearon, falsely accusing me of having perpetrated a racist hate crime comparable to a lynching on February 24th, 2018, because I had a reasonable concern for my personal safety and responded appropriately.

Here is the email chain from February 24th, 2018:

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