I congratulate US Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and US Representative Cedric Richmond on driving an entirely innocent human and civil rights activist to suicide. Great work!

I also want to congratulate Yahoo News White House Correspondent Hunter Walker on writing the smear job that finally succeeded in driving me, an entirely innocent and lifelong human and civil rights activist, to suicide. Great work!

Please also extend my congratulations to Former US Vice President Joe Biden and his Presidential Campaign Co Chair US Representative Cedric Richmond. Great work everyone on driving an entirely innocent and lifelong civil rights licensed attorney activist to suicide on Martin Luther King Jr Day no less. Excellent, excellent work all.

I’m sure this will be the exact thing to help the Democrats defeat Trump. Great work attacking and destroying a lifelong Democrat who cried when Trump won in 2016. I walked away from the Democratic Party after they tried to get me killed, and I encourage everyone to do the same.

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