Character Letter from Yale Law School Sterling Professor Alan Schwartz that was an Exhibit to My Response to the FALSE Charge of Racial Harassment by Yale Grad School Dean Lynn Cooley

I am going to be posting the character letters that were written on my behalf that were part of my exhibits attached to my response to the grossly false and defamatory charge of racial harassment levied against me by Yale Graduate School Dean Lynn Cooley in June, 2018, following the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale University. I will, of course, only be posting those character letters for which I have received permission from the authors.

I am beginning with the character letter from Yale Law School Sterling Professor Alan Schwartz. I worked with Professor Schwartz for several years. I developed an agent based computational model and simulations of a corporate control market for him. We also became good friends.

Here is a link to Professor Schwartz’s character letter on my behalf. More to follow. I think I will also created YouTube videos wherein I read the letters.:

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