Oprah and Isabel Wilkerson Both Know that Wilkerson LIED about Me on Democracy Now to Get Me Killed to Sell Copies of Her Book Caste

I’m crazy upset, because something shocking happened.

Isabel Wilkerson, the author of the book, Caste, selected by Oprah Winfrey for her book club, egregiously defamed me on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman yesterday, and I found other instances of her having defamed me in the Fake News Press in recent weeks to sell copies of her book.

On Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, Isabel Wilkerson spoke about me during an interview in which she also discussed Hitler, slavery, Jim Crow, and lynchings, as well as George Floyd’s killing and Ahmaud Arbery’s killing.  This is literally insane and evil.  When Isabel Wilkerson defamed me as someone who lynches black students at Yale on Democracy Now, she is trying to get me killed.  She is trying to incite my murder.  She is trying to drive me to suicide.  She is trying to get me killed to make money off of my corpse.

I am under no illusions about why Isabel Wilkerson did this.  She did this to exploit George Floyd’s killing for Moral Outrage Industry money and fame and to revive the Living While Black movement as a bloodsport targeting vulnerable white women, because it’s a far easier way to make money than actually addressing real Racism and Police Brutality.  She did this to sell copies of her Race Hoax of a book, Caste.

I know for a fact that Isabel Wilkerson, who is now blocking me on Twitter, because she didn’t appreciate me publicly exposing her as a lying bigot and fraud, LIED about me on Democracy Now.  She also lied about me in an Israeli newspaper recently.  I know this, because I know that Oprah knows that the Living or Napping While Black Incident at Yale was a Hate Crime Hoax, and if Oprah knows this, then there is no way that Isabel Wilkerson does not know this.

I know that Oprah knows that the Living or Napping While Black Incident at Yale was a Hate Crime Hoax, because her lifelong producer, Jack Mori, contacted me to appear on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk show.  Then, after Oprah announced that she was making Isabel Wilkerson’s book Caste her next Oprah book club selection, suddenly Red Table Talk is no longer pursuing this topic, according to an email I received from their Supervising Producer.  Also, I was recently approached by the Casting Director, Rachel Macy, for an A&E show about cancelled people.  I am now being ghosted by them, after Oprah made her announcement.  Just in case anyone doesn’t believe that there is a conspiracy of silence now and that the powers that be will stop at nothing to prevent me from saving my life and lifelong human and civil rights career.

If Democracy Now wishes to continue to assert that they are journalists with integrity and ethics, then they need to have me on to tell the truth about the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale.  I am sick and tired of people thinking it’s ok to get me killed to make money off my corpse, because I’m white and poor.  

Every time I think no one could possibly be so stupid or evil as to defame me in the Fake News Press any longer, along comes Isabel Wilkerson and Democracy Now to prove me wrong.  I just needed to scream out my rage and despair for a moment.  I feel better now. 

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