I Was Swatted, Just Like Ijeoma Oluo, After She Forced Me to Flee Yale

I was swatted twice in just over a week, on Sunday, May 9th, 2021, and Monday, May 17th, 2021. The local police showed up at my apartment door. They told me that someone had called the CT State Police, and told them that I had a gun, and that I had threatened to kill someone on Twitter.

Thank God I had already established a relationship with the local police. They have made many visits to my apartment in the last 3 years. I had already made them well aware of why this is happening to me. They were very good to me. They said that they have no choice but to pay me a visit when they receive such a call.

I am the PhD Candidate in Philosophy at Yale who was the entirely innocent victim of the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax and subsequent global vilification campaign that almost got me killed and destroyed my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers. I am embroiled in a legal battle for Justice and to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale. I am also publicly exposing all of the lying bigots and frauds who participated in the witch hunt at Yale that almost got me killed, including the ACLU, The Appeal, and Shaun King, among many others. They obviously don’t like being publicly exposed as lying bigots and frauds who waged a 3 year campaign to drive me to suicide and destroy my life via Trial by Twitter w/o Due Process. I explained to the local police that these instances of swatting are an intimidation and harassment campaign, meant to deter my fight for Justice.

The irony is mind blowing. These persons and orgs who claim to be anti-the Carceral State, anti-mass incarceration, and pro prison and police abolition resort to swatting an innocent civil rights attorney to avoid being held accountable for their complicity in the Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. They clearly believe that the police wantonly shoot and kill people, so they obviously were hoping to end my life by swatting me. I do believe that it was very likely one or some or all of the following who swatted me: the ACLU, including new President Deborah Archer, The Appeal, including President Josie Duffy Rice, Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh, formerly affiliated with The Appeal, and Twitter Race Hustler, Shaun King. Very recently, The Appeal President Josie Duffy Rice and Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh teamed up with my longtime online stalker to ramp up their 3 year campaign to drive me to suicide on Twitter.

Ijeoma Oluo claimed to have been swatted after she forced me to flee Yale’s campus. On the evening of May 8th, 2018, when I still hadn’t realized that the illegal snippet of video of me, which exposed my isolated Yale dorm room number, was being propagated around the world, my Advisor, Yale Philosophy Professor Jason Stanley, called me to tell me to get out of my room. He told me that I wasn’t safe. He told me that Ijeoma Oluo was putting out a call to her 200k Twitter followers to harass and stalk me in my dorm room. “You have to get out of there now,” he said. I immediately moved into a part of the dorm that was under construction. One of my advisors had to bring me $160 in cash to pay my Uber driver to take me to my surrogate dads’ house in Brooklyn, where I immediately went into hiding. I couldn’t go out in public on Yale’s campus, because I would have been attacked. And, in fact, I was taunted by a mob while I was waiting for my Uber driver to take me to safety.

Shortly thereafter, Ijeoma Oluo teamed up with the American Humanist Association (AHA) to help them create their “Get Sarah Braasch Killed” cottage moral outrage industry. Ijeoma Oluo received the Feminist of the Year Award from the Editor of AHA’s The Humanist Magazine, Jennifer Bardi. Bardi had published, a decade prior, 2 anti-oppression essays from me, which AHA removed from their website after the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, claiming that these anti-oppression articles were too taboo, too dangerous for freethinkers to read. In one article, about my ancestor, Thomas Joy, who had been thrown in irons by Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor, John Winthrop, for demanding voting rights for non-church members, I had committed the grave sin of describing racism as “silly,” meaning, clear from context, stupid. The other article Bardi had asked me to write while I was living in Paris, France, and working with the fierce secular women’s right organization Ni Putes Ni Soumises (Neither Whores Nor Submissives), comprised primarily of African Muslim immigrant women. This article was about Ni Putes Ni Soumises’ support for the burqa ban as a civil rights and public desegregation measure. In this article, I committed the cardinal sin of describing a mandatory public middle school assignment in the 80’s in Wisconsin, wherein I was tasked with arguing the pro side of a debate on slavery. For this sin, I was widely condemned as a slavery apologist, including by Joyce Carol Oates, and, of course, Attorney Rebecca Kavanagh.

Ijeoma Oluo gave an acceptance speech for her 2018 Feminist of the Year Award from the American Humanist Association. Her acceptance speech was almost entirely about me. It was almost entirely about vilifying me as a genocidal villain who lynches Black students at Yale via the Yale Campus Police. It was almost entirely about condemning the American Humanist Association, Jennifer Bardi, The Humanist Magazine, and the entire community of atheists, skeptics, freethinkers, and secularists for the transgression of ever having been associated with me, and, certainly, for ever having published my dangerous and racist anti-oppression essays. Ijeoma Oluo stated that she would have known a decade ago, upon reading my decidedly anti-oppression essays, that I would perpetrate racial harassment at Yale a decade later. She claimed that I dehumanized hijabis in my essays, and who could say otherwise, since the American Humanist Association banned my essays as taboo. This was a speech meant to drive me to suicide and get me killed and destroy my human and civil rights academic and legal careers. In other words, Ijeoma Oluo meant to destroy me to make Moral Outrage Industry money off of my corpse.

When I publicly condemned Ijeoma Oluo for what she had done, including on Twitter, she cracked jokes on her Twitter feed about how hysterical putting my life in the gravest of danger is. She was proud of trying to drive me, an innocent anti-racism Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, to suicide. She was proud of driving me from my home. She was proud. She incited further death threat sending Twitter mobs against me.

Some time thereafter, Ijeoma Oluo wrote a number of essays and Twitter threads about having been swatted and forced from her home. She wrote about what an evil and vile practice swatting is, how it places someone in danger of being shot and killed by police, and she wrote about how grateful she was to have a relationship with her local police force, so that they understood that she was being swatted as part of an intimidation and harassment campaign to get her to stop speaking out publicly about white supremacy and racism. She wrote about having to remove with her family to a hotel for their safety. She wrote about how devastating it was to be forced to flee her own home.

Of course, Ijeoma Oluo did not address how she had forced me to flee my own home. Of course, Ijeoma Oluo did not address how she had put a call out to her 200k Twitter followers to stalk me in my home, my isolated Yale dorm room, while also having doxxed me by distributing the illegal video of me and screenshots, wherein my dorm room number was clearly visible. Of course, Ijeoma Oluo did not address how she had waged a campaign to drive me to suicide, get me killed, and destroy my lifelong human and civil rights career, knowing full well that I was an entirely innocent anti-racism Yale grad student.

Putting my life at risk didn’t matter to Ijeoma Oluo, because I’m white.

I’m sure Ijeoma Oluo will find it hysterical that I’ve been swatted, just like she was.

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