The Latest Tweets From Richard Painter’s Campaign to Drive Me to Suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter — He Jumped the Shark with His Brazen LIES that I Used Racist Slurs Against Don Lemon of CNN and Other Black Journalists — He Wants Me Dead

As I made clear in my last two posts, and as most of you are already fully aware, Richard Painter, the former White House Ethics Lawyer (?!), with 750,000 Twitter followers, has been incessantly attacking me and trying to drive me, an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, to suicide, since September 13th. He was initially using me as a proxy to attack the University of Chicago Philosophy and Law Professor, Brian Leiter. Brian Leiter has been an amazing support to me and has stood by my side throughout this hellish nightmare, the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. Richard Painter is not going to stop attacking me until I’m dead. I have literally begged him to stop, because I’m still intermittently suicidal. Richard Painter is subjecting me to Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process over a more than 3 year old non-crime and non-event at Yale. Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter are not only driving innocent people to suicide and destroying innocent lives, it’s destroying us. It’s destroying our legal system, Due Process, and our egalitarian public space. Now, to deflect from the fact that he waged a campaign to drive an innocent civil rights attorney to suicide, Richard Painter is engaging in Crybullying. He is pretending that he is the innocent victim who is being attacked by me, a tiny account, a nobody who begged him to stop attacking me, a traumatized woman whose life was already destroyed. I almost died. I almost killed myself countless times. I lost my human and civil rights academic and legal careers. This isn’t enough punishment for Richard Painter, for a more than three year old non-crime and non-event. He wants my dead body hung up in a public square in DC.

The following tweets are from the last few days of Richard Painter’s campaign to drive me to suicide, from approximately September 27th to the 30th, today. My last two posts cover Richard Painter’s tweets about me from approximately September 13th to the 26th. Richard Painter’s earliest tweets about me were the most disgusting, and he subsequently deleted them, after I publicly exposed him as the lying bigot and fraud that he is, but I think I captured screen shots of almost everything, if not everything. Please see here PROOF that Richard Painter is an evil, lying bigot and fraud who incessantly attacked a traumatized woman while she begged him to stop driving her to suicide over a more than 3 year old non-crime and non-event at Yale. Additionally, I have been struggling for months to find a job, any job in law or academia or hospitality. I have been entirely unsuccessful. I only recently was able to secure a low-paying temp job to keep myself off the streets. This is what Richard Painter wants: he wants me to starve to death on the streets. He is now threatening to get me disbarred. My law license is my only means of survival.

The latest tweets from Richard Painter have truly jumped the shark. They are brazen lies that betray his desperation. I have exposed him as the lying bigot and fraud that he is, and now he is flailing about like a chicken with his head cut off, trying desperately to save his reputation. He is trying to get me killed. He has threatened to get me disbarred. He is saying that I have used racist slurs against Don Lemon of CNN and other Black journalists. This is a straight up LIE. If I had ever used a racist slur against anyone, let alone Don Lemon of CNN, the whole world would know by now. My every tweet is archived by the jealous Mean Girl Stalkers of Twitter. is a veritable Smithsonian of my tweets. I have not deleted a single 1 of my nearly 100k tweets, because I know that I have never tweeted anything of which I need be ashamed. Richard Painter is the one who should be ashamed of his tweets incessantly attacking a traumatized woman for the past two weeks over a more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime. My life and human and civil rights career were already decimated. I almost killed myself countless times. I had to go into hiding for 3 years. His attacks on me are beyond the pale at this point. They have crossed the line into the demonic. He is destroying his own reputation and legacy. He needs to make a public apology to me and retract his defamatory statements about me, an innocent civil rights attorney who was living like a reclusive hermit Rapunzel at the top of a tower at Yale, working in seclusion on her Saving the World Project, her Yale PhD Dissertation, someone who wanted only to be left in peace.

I want to make something perfectly, perfectly clear: I NEVER accused Richard Painter of being part of any conspiracy. NO ONE accused Richard Painter of being part of any conspiracy. He is LYING about this incessantly, and he knows he’s lying. Richard Painter wishes someone would let him be a part of their conspiracy. Not even the conspiracy theorists want him on their team, because it’s so obvious what a lying bigot and fraud he is. He would make the conspiracy theorists look bad. At this point he’s in a conspiracy of 1 about the fact that he was accused of being part of a conspiracy. He is unhinged.

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