Twitter Permanently Suspended Me for Reporting an Account that was Impersonating Me and Talking About Me Sucking the Dicks of My Yale Advisors (Right After They Thanked Me for Making the Report and Told Me to go to the Police.)

I just think humanity is evil now, just pure, unadulterated evil. People would rather get an innocent killed and destroy an innocent life than admit that they lied about me and joined the witch hunt at Yale for their own personal benefit, knowing that they were very likely getting an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney killed.

I am hopeful that Twitter will recognize that they’ve made an egregious error and will rectify the situation and restore my account to full functionality. I have already submitted an appeal and filed a complaint with the San Francisco Bay Area Better Business Bureau. But, that this happened at all is shocking.

I want to say how much I love Paula Wright @SexyIsntSexist and Tom Woods @ThomasEWoods of the Tom Woods podcast, wherein I appeared in a very well received episode. Thank you for setting the record straight about the gross injustice of Twitter permanently suspending me merely for reporting an account that was inflicting the most horrific abuse upon me and then having the temerity to discuss what had occurred on my Twitter feed.

In the tweets indicated as the offending tweets, nothing could be more clear than that I am discussing the fact that I have been the victim of vicious abuse and harassment for weeks by an account called Crying Sarah Braasch, with the Twitter handle TearsofSarah. This account has been impersonating me and and spreading disgusting lies about me. It is not parody. I am not a public figure. I am not a book. I am not a movie. You can’t parody a completely private person. This is abuse and harassment and stalking meant to drive me to suicide.

In the so-called offending tweets, I am talking about how Twitter and Twitter Support and Twitter Safety finally acted against this account that has been terrorizing me for weeks, even though I have been reporting their every disgusting tweet about me. And, I am saying that this entire hellish nightmare that I have lived in for almost 3 and a half years is the fault of Yale President Peter Salovey, because he refuses to tell the simple, honest to God TRUTH and save the life and career of an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney.

The only reason that Twitter Support and Twitter Safety finally acted is because these latest tweets by TearsofSarah were so obscene and beyond the pale that they had to act. The Crying Sarah Braasch Twitter Account spoke of how I suck the dick of one of my Yale Advisors. It was repulsive. The tweets of mine that are the allegedly offending tweets that violate Twitter’s Terms of Service include screenshots of the disgusting TearsofSarah tweets. This is enough to know how incredibly abusive and obscene they are:

Twitter sent me the following emails to thank me for making the report. They told me that they locked the TearsofSarah Twitter account and removed the abusive tweets. The emails are as follow:

Shortly thereafter, I got an error message when using my Twitter Account that my account had been suspended. Then, I went to my email and found this message that my account had been permanently suspended for reporting an account that had been terrorizing me for weeks, impersonating me, and talking about me sucking the dicks of my Yale Advisors, while Twitter Support and Twitter Safety did nothing.

I already filed a complaint with the San Francisco Bay Area Better Business Bureau. A screenshot of my case number is immediately below:

For as long as I live, people are never going to stop attacking me and trying to silence me, because I am the PROOF that they are lying bigots and frauds. There is not a doubt in my mind that this is part of Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s campaign to silence me to protect their blue check mark public figures who repeatedly tried to mob me to suicide on their platform via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, as part of the witch hunt at Yale and the global defamation campaign against me, following the obvious Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale. Jack, do the right thing and restore my account to full functionality and apologize to me.

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