Almost Everyone Who Participated in the Witch Hunt at Yale Knew Me As An Innocent Yale Grad Student and Civil Rights Attorney, Including USC Law Professor Daria Roithmayr

I have stated repeatedly that almost everyone who participated in the witch hunt at Yale, especially those in academia, either Law or Psychology or Philosophy, in particular, 100% KNEW me and knew me as an innocent Yale graduate student and civil rights attorney. They all knew me or knew of me or had even worked with me. And, I have the evidence. This didn’t stop almost any of them from attacking me and trying to destroy me and my life and my career.

People seem to have a hard time believing this. So, here’s some PROOF.

Professor David Rand, then at Yale and Yale Law School, taught me agent based computational modeling and simulation in Matlab. He put me in touch with USC Law Professor Daria Roithmayr, because we both applied modeling and simulation to issues of Police Brutality, especially against Persons of Color. He thought we might wish to work together. She was at Yale Law School during the Spring 2018 Semester, the semester during which the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax occurred.

Below you will find an email exchange wherein David Rand puts me and Daria Roithmayr in touch with one another and then Professor Roithmayr and I proceed to exchange pleasantries and discuss the possibility of working together and arrange a meeting. I had to postpone the meeting, because I was then in the throes of trying to save my life and career, because the Yale Administration were already intent on publicly branding me a racist, after Lolade Siyonbola and Jean Louis Reneson falsely accused me of having perpetrated a racist hate crime comparable to a lynching.

The fact that USC Law Professor Daria Roithmayr knew me and knew me as an innocent Yale graduate student and civil rights attorney working on the issues of Police Brutality and Implicit Bias did not stop her from attacking me viciously and joining the witch hunt and mob against me and subjecting me to Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process. I will post the screen shots of her tweets about me first, and then my email exchange that I had had with her. The dichotomy is jolting and jarring, to say the least.

And, now everyone knows I’m telling the TRUTH when I say that most of the persons, especially in academia, who participated in the witch hunt at Yale that almost got me killed, knew me or knew of me or even had worked with me. I will probably make a few more of these posts for the witch hunt participants for whom I have explicit and unequivocal evidence that they knew they were telling disgusting lies about me that put my life in the gravest of danger.

Here is my email exchange with David Rand of Yale Law School and Daria Roithmayr of USC Law School:

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