I Honestly Just Told Twitter Support That This Makes Me Weep For the Future of Humanity and our Democracy.

I honestly just told Twitter Support that this makes me weep for the future of humanity and our democracy.

Do you want to know how I spend my days? How I’ve spent my life?

I spend my days giving people money to stop families from being evicted from their apartments.

I also seal people’s criminal records to help them rebuild their lives post incarceration.

Today, someone told me thank you, thank you, over and over again, because they were so happy and grateful that I stopped them from being evicted from their home.

Today, someone told me thank you, thank you, because I was able to get their lengthy criminal record sealed, so that they can get a decent job and support their family.

That’s the Real Social Justice work.

You are helping NO ONE by spending your life trying to drive private nobodies to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

You are destroying us.

I told Twitter Support that I cannot fathom why they would allow someone to subject me to this sadistic cruelty over a more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime.

If you want me to be punished for my non-crime, I was. I almost died. I lost my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers.

But, that’s not enough for Richard Painter. He’s not going to stop attacking me until my dead body is hung up in a square in DC.

And, this is why I weep for the future of humanity.

As everyone is well aware, Jack Dorsey and Twitter permanently banned me for reporting an account that had been impersonating me for weeks, inflicting the most disgusting abuse and harassment upon me, and tweeted as me talking about sucking the dicks of my Yale Advisors.

I tweeted about Twitter Support and Twitter Safety finally acting against this account, Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah, and then, all of a sudden, Twitter permanently banned me, for reporting sexual abuse and harassment, and then tweeting about what had occurred to document it.

Now, this account, Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah, continues to inflict the most egregious abuse and harassment against me on Twitter, and Twitter Support and Twitter Safety and Jack Dorsey do nothing.

I want the whole world to know that Jack Dorsey and Twitter support sexual abuse and harassment and stalking and impersonation on their platform and permanently ban victims who report abuse and harassment.

Bari Weiss was exactly right when she said on CNN the other night: The world has gone mad.

Please report this account that continues to abuse and harass me on Twitter, even when I’m not there, because Jack Dorsey and Twitter permanently banned me for reporting their abuse and harassment.

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