UPDATED: Twitter and Jack Dorsey Continue to Support Gross Abuse and Harassment and Impersonation on Their Platform. Twitter Permanently Banned Me for Reporting This Abuse After Telling Me to go to the Police.

I just want to make this perfectly clear:

I reported this account, Crying Sarah Braasch / @TearsofSarah, for disgusting abuse and harassment. They have been terrorizing me and impersonating me for weeks now, and they tweeted as me and talked about how I suck the dicks of my Yale Advisors.

Twitter Safety and Twitter Support locked the account and told me to go the police, because I obviously wasn’t safe. They thanked me for reporting this account’s disgusting and egregious sexual abuse and harassment against me.

Then, literally moments later, Twitter permanently banned me for having reported this account’s reprehensible sexual abuse and harassment against me.

I want to make clear what I believe happened: I believe that this was a gross algorithm error. I believe that the algorithm mistook me talking about the egregious sexual abuse and harassment that I was enduring for me perpetrating abuse and harassment.

BUT, I believe that Twitter decided to take advantage of the situation to get rid of me, because I have been exposing their blue check mark public figures for the lying bigots and frauds that they are. I have been exposing them as having repeatedly attempted to mob me to suicide on Twitter via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

Make no mistake: the Modus Operandi here is to try to paint me as the racist harasser and stalker for having the temerity to defend myself against attacks on Twitter.

Twitter and Jack Dorsey allow this account to continue their gross abuse and harassment against me, stalking really, unabated and do nothing, while they refuse to restore my Twitter Account.

Let’s be perfectly clear: Twitter and Jack Dorsey permanently ban Victims for Reporting Sexual Abuse and Harassment on Twitter.

Let’s be perfectly clear: Twitter and Jack Dorsey support and encourage and enable Gross Abuse and Harassment, including Sexual Abuse and Harassment, as well as Impersonation and Stalking, on Their Platform.

And the harassment continues unabated and Twitter Support and Twitter Safety do nothing. Additional tweets from today:

The following tweets are just from today. This account has spent the entire day today, so far, incessantly abusing me:

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