Please Understand. This is Everything that is Wrong with Social Media that is Destroying Us. Twitter and Jack Dorsey Permanently Banned Me for Reporting Sexual Abuse. They are Encouraging People to Do This. We are Lost. We are Lost.

I’m at a complete loss at this point. I think the world is lost. I think humanity is lost. How does someone who claims to be sane and rational actually believe that they’re doing social justice work or that they have the moral high ground when they tweet something like this about another human being? I’ve lost all faith in humanity. We’re lost. It’s over.

Do you know how I spend my days?

I spend my days stopping the evictions of families from their apartments and sealing criminal records, so that people can rebuild their lives and get decent jobs and support their families. And, the person who tweeted this about me actually believes that she’s making the world a better place by driving a lifelong human and civil rights activist to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process. It’s over. We’re lost. Humanity is lost. I don’t know how we come back from this, from what we’ve become on social media.

I am currently being viciously and incessantly and mercilessly attacked, especially on Twitter, including by blue check mark public figures who participated in the witch hunt at Yale, and who now will do literally anything, including tell egregious and obvious and disgusting LIES about me, to stop me from getting the TRUTH out about the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale and the subsequent global defamation campaign against me that almost got an innocent human and civil rights attorney and activist killed.

I just wanted to let all of my beautiful supporters know that I will NEVER stop fighting for Justice and to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale and everywhere. I wanted to let my beautiful supporters know that I will NEVER stop fighting for all Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process victims. I will not allow 1 more innocent person’s life to be destroyed. I will not allow the Woke KKK, who claim to be anti-the Carceral State, to drive 1 more innocent person to suicide for being a civil libertarian who defends the Federal Civil Rights, the religious expression rights, of an Evangelical Black man at Yale, for example, or for speaking Real TRUTH to Power.

I promise all of my beautiful supporters that I am going to keep screaming the TRUTH from the mountaintops. We win this fight against Woke Tyranny, on college campuses and everywhere!

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