So You Want To Talk About Ijeoma Oluo, Who Repeatedly Tried to Drive Me to Suicide on Twitter, Because I am the PROOF that She is an Evil, Lying Bigot and Fraud. PART I.

So, you want to talk about Ijeoma Oluo. Uffdah. What a piece of work. What an evil, lying bigot and fraud. Ijeoma Oluo defines Woke KKK. Ijeoma Oluo defines Cancel Culture. Ijeoma Oluo defines Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

I have A LOT to say about Ijeoma Oluo. She tried, repeatedly, to drive me to suicide on Twitter. She called upon her 200k Twitter followers to stalk and harass me in my home, my isolated Yale dorm room at the top of a tower, forcing me to flee my home and Yale’s campus for my life while I was taunted by a mob. Then, she blamed me for being swatted in her home. Well, I was swatted too, many times, including on May 9th and May 17th, when someone(s) called the CT State Police and told them that I had a gun and was going to use it, and I’m sure Ijeoma Oluo’s almost three and a half year campaign to destroy me, because I am the PROOF that she is an evil, lying bigot and fraud, didn’t help. How many death threats against me did she incite?

Ijeoma Oluo tried to say that she never tried to drive me to suicide on Twitter, that she never told her 200k Twitter followers to harass and stalk me and drive me from my home on Yale’s campus, that she never tried to get me killed or tried to force me to flee my home or tried to force me to go into hiding for my personal safety or tried to incite mobs against me or tried to incite a deluge of death and rape threats and threats of violence against me or tried to destroy my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers and render me unemployable and penniless and starving to death alone on the streets, until my only option is to kill myself.

Unfortunately for Ijeoma Oluo, the threads of her Twitter mobbings against me say otherwise. Her followers and supporters yearn for my future suicide, are super excited about destroying my life and human rights career and making it impossible for me to earn a living or support myself or live or show my face in public ever again. They call upon Yale students and faculty to harass and stalk and assault me, including by calling the police whenever I show my face on campus. They call for me to be prosecuted for some crime. It’s unclear what crime, since I never committed any crime, but they definitely want me to be prosecuted and destroyed.

I also have A LOT to say about how Ijeoma Oluo teamed up with the American Humanist Association to create a Get Sarah Braasch Killed Moral Outrage Industry, and how AHA rewarded her with a Feminist of the Year Award for doing so. Yeah, it’s a lot.

You can see that Imani Gandy, AngryBlackLady on Twitter, gets in on the witch hunt fun. She addresses this essay in The Humanist magazine of the American Humanist Association that apparently outs me as a slavery apologist. Unfortunately for the Woke Twitterati, especially Imani Gandy, there is evidence that this article includes a description of a mandatory public middle school assignment in the 80’s in Wisconsin, where I was required to debate the pro side of slavery. I had discussed this with Gandy on her Twitter feed as an abhorrent thing that had occurred, and Gandy retweeted me. Of course, that didn’t stop Gandy, Woke KKK member that she is, from joining the witch hunt at Yale that almost got an innocent grad student and civil rights attorney killed. I hope selling your soul to the Devil was worth it.

But, first, before I get to anything else, I just want to post the mobbings against me on Twitter, incited and directed by Ijeoma Oluo, to destroy an innocent human and civil rights attorney and activist who had dedicated her life to fighting oppression and helping people. There is not a single doubt in my mind that Ijeoma Oluo ALWAYS knew that I was an entirely innocent Yale grad student and human and civil rights attorney and activist.

Like I’ve said, most of Wokeness is Jealous Mean Girls trying to destroy the far more talented and successful competition.

I also have something to say about how Ijeoma Oluo used me and exploited me as a pawn and a proxy to attack Katie Herzog.

We’ll get to all that — I’ll make a number of blog posts, but, first, the Twitter mobbings:

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