I Spoke with Google. They Assured Me that They Didn’t Do Anything to Censor My Blog Posts

I spoke with Google. They assured me that they did not do anything to censor my blog posts in any way, including by not making them show up in Google Search. They said if someone made them stop showing up in Google Search, they employed some method that had nothing to do with Google.

Google assured me that anyone claiming that they got Google to stop showing my blog posts in Google Search is lying.

Apparently, there are ways to exploit and manipulate the algorithm of Google Search, just like there are techniques to exploit and manipulate Twitter’s algorithms.

Google showed me the tools to use to get my individual blog posts to show up again on Google Search.

I just want the whole world to know that this is part and parcel of the tactics of the Woke KKK, who will do anything to silence me and to stop me from saving my life and career and from getting the TRUTH out about the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale.

They want to keep me so wrapped up in protecting my social media and fundraising sites, that are saving my life, that I don’t have time to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale and everywhere, so that I don’t have time to hold them accountable for driving private citizen nobodies to suicide via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

I feel a million times better now. At least I know that Google and WordPress have my back.

Everyone knows that there is a massive effort to silence me, because I am getting the TRUTH out about the witch hunt at Yale and subsequent global defamation campaign against me, led by the Fake News Press and Moral Outrage Industry, that almost got me killed.

I was permanently suspended by Twitter and Jack Dorsey, for reporting egregious abuse and harassment. Twitter used this as an excuse to get rid of me, because they don’t want me around to report their blue check mark public figures who have repeatedly tried to mob me to suicide on their platform over the past almost three and a half years.

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