What Twitter and Jack Dorsey are Allowing to be Done to Me on Their Platform is Evil. The Whole World Sees That They Support and Encourage the Most Vile Abuse and Harassment of a Vulnerable Person.

Let’s be perfectly clear:

Twitter and Jack Dorsey are not only condoning and allowing the most vile abuse and stalking and harassment of a vulnerable, traumatized person who already almost died and who lost her lifelong human and civil rights career, they are encouraging and supporting these grotesque campaigns to drive an innocent person to suicide and to destroy the life of an innocent person, so that they end up on the streets, starving to death, and have no choice but to kill themselves.

This is NOT criticism. This is NOT Consequences. This is NOT Accountability. This is Cancel Culture. This is Trial by Twitter without Due Process that is destroying us and our legal system and our egalitarian public space. This is the Woke KKK.

Many have already killed themselves: Mike Adams, Caroline Flack, Austen Heinz, David Bucci, Alec Holowka.

But, if you don’t care about innocent people being driven to suicide, then care that we are destroying our society.

When you are waging a campaign to strip someone of the social media and fundraising sites that are keeping them alive, when you are waging a campaign to get someone fired from a job that is just barely keeping them off the streets as it is, after a months long search to find any job at all, over a more than 3 year old non-event and non-crime, this is not criticism, this is not consequences, this is not accountability.

This is a campaign to drive someone to suicide. When you destroy someone’s life, reputation, career, and livelihood, and leave them destitute, you are trying to drive them to suicide.

I am so sick and tired of people doing this to innocent private citizen nobodies and then pretending that they’re not trying to drive them to suicide. You are. And, everyone knows it.

When you force someone into hiding for years for their personal safety, because you incited or participated in a deluge of credible death and rape threats and threats of violence, you are not only trying to destroy the person, you are trying to get them killed.

The stress I am under, due to the relentless attacks against me and campaigns to destroy me over three and a half years, has taken an enormous physical and psychological toll.

I am constantly shocked that I am still alive. I’m pretty sure the insane stress I’m under is literally killing me, and not all that slowly.

So, you can imagine how it makes me feel to have to listen to the people trying to drive me to suicide tell me that they’re not trying to drive me to suicide while they’re literally trying to destroy what semblance of a life I have left. And, then they tell me that I’m the problem, because I have a vulnerability to suicide.

This is what pure, unadulterated evil is.

And, what’s even more sick and disgusting is that these monsters pretend that they are actually doing Social Justice work, that they’re actually helping Black people or anyone.

And, Twitter and Jack Dorsey are not only condoning these campaigns to drive me to suicide, including from blue check mark public figures like former White House Ethics Lawyer, Richard Painter, Twitter and Jack Dorsey are encouraging and supporting this reprehensible abuse and harassment and stalking.

And, what’s even more mind boggling is that Twitter and Jack Dorsey permanently banned me, the victim, for reporting this grotesque abuse and harassment.

I want Twitter and Jack Dorsey to know: the whole world sees what you are doing, and you are fooling no one.

Now we know that all of Jack Dorsey’s pretty words about wanting to make Twitter safer were and are a lot of hot air.

He encourages the Woke to wantonly abuse and destroy whom they wish with impunity. Especially if they have a large Twitter following and / or a blue check mark.

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