If You’re Making More $ and Have a Better Job and are Receiving Greater Acclaim AFTER Your “Cancellation Event,” Then You Were NOT Canceled.

A lot of the intelligentsia like to whine about having been canceled.

Here’s a clue for so many who need it:

Cancellation is not a super fun party and a path to a better life.

Cancellation is not a PR stunt.

If you have a better job and more money and greater acclaim AFTER your so-called “Cancellation Event,” then you were NOT Canceled.

I am inclined to say that people past a certain threshold of wealth and status and power and fame simply can’t be canceled.

Allow me to explain what actually being canceled means:

It means being a private citizen nobody who was living like a reclusive hermit Rapunzel at the top of a tower on Yale’s campus, someone who wanted only to be left in peace to complete her Saving the World Project, her Yale PhD Dissertation.

I was the antithesis of a public figure. I had never sought public attention.

Even if you think I did something wrong or racist (I didn’t.), I committed no crime. The Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale was the least newsworthy thing that happened on planet Earth on May 8th, 2018. This was an utter non-event that was blown into a global racial hysteria. This is why we MUST revisit New York Times v. Sullivan.

In a matter of moments, my life and lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers were decimated.

I was vilified on a global scale as a Pol Pot figure, as a genocidal villain who was trying to lynch Black students on Yale’s campus via the Yale Campus Police.

Before I even knew what had happened, the Yale Administration, including Yale President Peter Salovey, released public statements condemning me without Due Process as the most egregious racist.

I had to flee Yale’s campus for my life while being taunted by a mob, in no small part, because Ijeoma Oluo had been calling on Twitter for the whole world to harass and stalk me in my isolated Yale dorm room, and the image of my dorm room door with my room number clearly visible had been propagated around the world in moments.

I had to immediately go into hiding to save my life, and I more or less stayed in hiding for more than three years.

My surrogate dads had to pay a criminal defense attorney $10k to stop Yale from expelling me.

There is not a single doubt in my mind that Yale would have done so, knowing that they were very likely driving an entirely innocent person to suicide.

I was castigated by the entire Fake News Press, at the behest of the Yale Administration, from the New York Times to CNN to MSNBC to the Washington Post to the LA Times to NBC, ABC, and CBS News, on PBS, on NPR, on GMA, on The View, and the list goes on and on and on.

The ACLU and the entire Moral Outrage Industry continue a campaign to destroy me, drive me to suicide, decimate my reputation and livelihood, and publicly shame me for my mental health disabilities, by grossly violating my privacy, to this day.

I am still deluged by death and rape threats, and threats of violence to this day.

I can’t even count how many times I almost killed myself, and I am still intermittently suicidal.

There is hardly a blue check mark public figure on Twitter who didn’t repeatedly attempt to mob me to suicide, as part of the Woke KKK, via Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, from Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden’s new Head of Civil Rights at the Justice Department, to Shonda Rhimes to Trevor Noah of The Daily Show to Roxane Gay. I could go on pretty much forever.

And, because I had the temerity to not kill myself, because I found an inner reservoir of strength to draw upon, and my beautiful guardian angel brothers to guide me, because I had and have the audacity to defend myself and fight back against my tormentors and expose them for the lying bigots and frauds that they are, because I dare to get the TRUTH out about the witch hunt at Yale that almost got an innocent killed, I am relentlessly mobbed and attacked and abused and harassed and stalked and defamed and smeared to this day.

Because no one wants to admit what they did to me.

I hear a lot about Consequences and Accountability, but no one who participated in the veritable witch hunt at Yale in the 21st century seems to want any.

I searched for months for a job, any job, after the Yale Grad School cut off my fellowship two months short.

I finally found a low paying temp job that is barely keeping me off the streets. And, my job is to keep other people off the streets.

But, the Woke Twitterati, including former White House Ethics Lawyer Richard Painter, don’t even want me to have that. They don’t want me to be able to survive at all. They want me dead. They want me to die already.

They are trying to get me fired from my temp job, so that I’m thrown out of my micro studio.

There is a massive effort to silence me underway.

No, I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Richard Painter is thinking of running for Governor of Minnesota right after he waged a two month campaign to drive me to suicide on Twitter, to use me as a proxy to attack University of Chicago Law and Philosophy Professor Brian Leiter, who has steadfastly stood by my side during this more than three and a half year hellish nightmare.

No, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Twitter and Jack Dorsey just permanently banned me for, get this, reporting egregious abuse and harassment. It’s not the first time that I was permanently banned from Twitter for reporting that I was the victim of grotesque abuse and harassment, perpetrated by the Woke Twitterati.

There is now a campaign to strip me of any means, not only to survive, but to speak, to get the truth out about what was and is being done to me.

And, that’s what it really means to be Canceled.

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