And, Now You Understand Why I’m Upset with Jonathan Haidt for Joining the Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got me Killed and for Defaming me as a Racist with ZERO Evidence on Sam Harris’ Podcast and in the New York Times, Because You Understand Why Jordan B Peterson is Upset With a Nobody Twitter Troll.

I wish so desperately that I could get people to understand this.

See how Jordan B Peterson, a wealthy public figure with millions of admirers and Twitter followers, is furious about being defamed as a racist with zero evidence by a nobody troll on Twitter?

Now imagine how I feel about being defamed as a Racist who should feel ashamed of herself on Sam Harris’ Podcast and in the New York Times by Jonathan Haidt, who had to know that I was the Social Psychology PhD Student of Tom Tyler, Director of the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School, and the Philosophy PhD Student of Jason Stanley at Yale.

Now you understand.

Jonathan Haidt continues his behind the scenes smear campaign against me to this day, because he would rather watch an innocent die than face accountability for participating in the veritable witch hunt at Yale in the 21st Century that almost got me, an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney, killed.

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