Happy Thanksgiving! My Go Fund Me Hit $19,000! I Love All of My Beautiful Supporters. I Wouldn’t Be Alive Without You. We will Win this Fight for Justice for All Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter and Living While Black Race Hoax Victims.

I love all of my beautiful supporters to the moon and back a million times over.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and loved ones.

I just had a super yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

I have the best news ever: My Go Fund Me hit $19,000!!!

We are only $1,000 away from our $20,000 goal.

I know that we will get there before the end of the year.

I never thought that I’d be able to raise this much money.

I currently have a $13,700 legal bill.

Here is my Go Fund Me, if you are able to help:


My rent is paid for December, but I could use help with rent starting on the 1st.

I am saving money to move back to MN in the spring to live with my sister. I think this will be so much better for my mental health and well-being, because I won’t be so scared that my many abusers and stalkers are going to get me fired from my temp job that is just barely keeping me alive. I am still being attacked on a daily basis by the many persons who don’t want me to continue living, because I am the PROOF that they are lying bigots and frauds.

I also have to start paying back my student loans in January and February of 2022. I will immediately look into signing up for income based repayment plans, but, obviously, paying off my student loans is going to be a severe struggle for me now that Yale has decimated my reputation and livelihood. I struggled for months to find a job, any job, and was only finally able to secure my low paying temp job that is just barely keeping me off the streets.

I know that I just have to remember that I am being attacked as I am by the most powerful persons and institutions in the world, because we are getting the truth out about the veritable 21st Century witch hunt at Yale that almost got an innocent Yale grad student and civil rights attorney killed.

My life was stolen from me, but I know that I will get Justice. I have to trust that, in the end, truth will out.

I promise to never stop fighting for Justice for all of us, for all Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter and Living While Black Race and Hate Crime Hoax victims, especially those who have already taken their own lives, because they couldn’t handle being incessantly attacked by the Woke KKK.

I promise to never stop fighting to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale and Smith College and everywhere.

I promise to never stop fighting to save the Federal Civil Rights Act.

I promise to never stop fighting to save Free Speech and Freedom of Religion and Civil Liberties.

Please join me in this fight. Together, I know we will win.

I love all of you beautiful people so much.

Happy Thanksgiving.

If you wish to support me, as I seek justice, it would mean the world to me. Here are my PayPalMe and GoFundMe links. 

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