My Stalkers, Including Richard Painter, are Not going to Stop Attacking Me Until I’m Dead. They’re Actively Trying to Get Me Fired and Disbarred. Please Help Me Move Home to be with My Sister, So that I’m not so Scared that I’m Going to End Up on the Streets.

(This blog post has been edited. I just removed any mention of my stalkers, because I don’t want them to have a single excuse to continue stalking me. At some point, I will redact the images and replace them, but I don’t have time to do that right now.)

My stalkers, including Richard Painter, brag about trying to get me disbarred and fired. My lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers were already destroyed, but that’s not enough for them. They want me dead.

My stalkers, including Richard Painter, couldn’t care less that my current jobs are completely about helping people. I seal people’s criminal records, so that they can rebuild their lives. I file bankruptcies. I help trans people change their names and gender identities on their official documents. I help give money to families, so that they aren’t evicted from their apartments, because of Covid. I serve the low income population.

Twitter just sent me this notice. At least they are occasionally locking my abusive stalkers out of their accounts, but they keep letting them back onto Twitter, even though they brag about flouting Twitter’s Terms of Service and about having tricked Twitter into permanently banning me, the victim, for reporting their egregious abuse and harassment:

Please help me move back to MN to be with my sister. I know that I’ll feel so much better, emotionally and mentally and physically. I won’t be so scared all the time that my abusive stalkers will find a way to be successful at decimating what semblance of a life I have left. I won’t be so terrified all the time that I’m going to end up on the streets. I won’t be so scared that they’re finally going to push me over the edge and drive me to suicide.

If you are able to help me get home to MN to be with family, it would mean the world to me. You would be literally saving an innocent life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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PREVIOUS BLOG POST about my abusive stalkers on Twitter.

I guess someone at Twitter reads my blog.

ADDITION: I just wanted to include the latest notice I received from Twitter, letting me know which accounts they have punished for their egregious abuse and harassment and stalking against me.

Twitter has been hard at work today, banning and locking out some of the accounts that have been tormenting me for months now. These accounts were incited by Richard Painter’s almost 3 month long campaign to drive me to suicide and to destroy my life. Richard Painter is contemplating a run for MN Governor, and I am a threat to that run, because I am the PROOF that Richard Painter is an evil, lying bigot and fraud who abuses traumatized and vulnerable women for sport on Twitter.

Here are a few of the accounts that were permanently suspended. These accounts didn’t just say mean things about me on Twitter. This was not merely criticism or accountability. This was Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process over a now more than 3 and a half year old non-event and non-crime at Yale that was blown into a global racial hysteria by the Fake News Press and Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry. These accounts were actively trying to drive me to suicide and destroy my life, including by getting me fired from my temp job that is barely keeping me alive, getting me disbarred, to strip me of my only means of survival, and calling for me to be expelled and made irrevocably destitute. These accounts wanted me dead, and they were actively trying to bring about my death:

Additionally, another stalker account was locked out for abusing and harassing me. This account should also be permanently suspended for torturing me for months now.

This is a good start to cleaning up the cesspool that is Twitter. But, Twitter needs to start permanently banning some of their blue check mark public figures who have repeatedly mobbed me near to suicide during the past more than 3 and a half years.

Why don’t you start with Richard Painter, RWPUSA? He continues his almost 3 month long campaign to drive me to suicide and to destroy my life.

And, also, yeah, give me my account back, Twitter.

You literally permanently suspended my Twitter account, the account of the victim, for reporting the grotesque and reprehensible abuse and harassment from the TearsofSarah account:

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