I Know I Have to Not Look Anymore. I can’t take any more abuse. It’s Truly Insane What Twitter Has Allowed and Does Allow to be Done to Me on Their Platform

I just think that human beings are evil demons now. I just think humanity is inherently evil and not worth saving now.

What Twitter has allowed and does allow to be done to me on their platform is sick and vile and reprehensible and almost too evil to be believed. Except that it’s real. This is actually happening to me. This is the surreal, hellish nightmare that I live in now.

And, then you have heartless, soulless monsters like University of Colorado Law School Professor Aya Gruber who pretends like she barely mentioned me when she wrote a race baiting dystopian fantasy for the California Law Review with me as the central villain, a new contribution to the “Get Sarah Braasch Killed” Moral Outrage Industry that is so prevalent in US law schools now.

When I exposed Aya Gruber for the monster that she is, as well as an evil, lying bigot and charlatan and fraud, she teamed up with the journalists Cathy Reisenwitz and Cathy Young to incite my years long stalker to attack me on Twitter.

I don’t even know what to think anymore. I honestly believed that I would have been able to save my life and career by now. I honestly believed that there would have been someone, anyone with enough integrity and power to help me change the standard narrative to a far more truthful one by now. But, there’s no one. I am being gaslighted by pretty much the entire world.

There is no one with a shred of decency, a shred of integrity who will help an innocent person save her life and lifelong human and civil rights career.

I no longer believe that humanity is worth saving.

I don’t even know what to think anymore. I just think human beings are evil, and the universe is probably better off without us.

My Twitter mom and guardian angel, Gretchen Mullen, skepticreview89, is going to report the abuse and harassment against me on Twitter, so that I don’t have to look at this garbage anymore. I love her forever. I am going to focus on finishing my book about what was done to me by Yale and the Fake News Press and Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry and what we can do to end Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process that is destroying us.

I’m in a dark place tonight. I’ve done everything I know how to do, and I don’t know what else to do. I honestly thought that I would have been able to save my life and career by now. I thought this hellish nightmare would be over by now. I underestimated how much my many enemies, the most powerful people and organizations in the world, do NOT want me to save my life and career.

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