I am a True Whistleblower, Speaking Real Truth to Power. I have to Focus on the Powerful Institutions Attacking Me. I’m going to let my Twitter Mom, Gretchen Mullen, Handle Twitter.

I am a True Whistleblower, speaking Real Truth to Power. How do you know? Because I did NOT gain 50k Twitter followers overnight, no one handed me a six figure book deal, and I have not been invited on 60 Minutes. I am an actual threat to the Powers that Be. This is why they want me dead. I now tend to think that the person whom everyone abhors is the only person who is actually telling the truth. In point of fact, I was banned from Twitter for reporting the egregious abuse and harassment to which I was being subjected, especially from Twitter’s blue check mark public figures who have repeatedly tried to mob me to suicide on Twitter. This includes Richard Painter, who continues his almost 4 month campaign to destroy me via Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

I was struck by this tweet from Mike Solana:

I didn’t know who Mike Solana was until recently, when he wrote an essay for Bari Weiss’ Substack. I thought it was ridiculous. He said that Twitter’s new anti-Shaun King Style Twitter Race Hustler Policy would be the end of Citizen Journalism. (Twitter’s new policy bans images and video of private citizen nobodies without their consent.). I thought this was utterly bizarre coming from a social media venture capitalist.

What I thought would have been obvious to any reasonable person is that there is no such thing as Citizen Journalism on social media, and especially not on Twitter. There is no such thing as mainstream journalism on social media. On social media, everyone’s a Shaun King / The Appeal Style Twitter Race Hustler. The Shaun King Style Twitter Race Hustler business model is to try to drive as many private citizen nobodies to suicide as possible by posting out of context snippets of camera phone video of them and accusing them of some heinous racist act to incite a Twitter mob against them.

Here are my YouTube videos about Mike Solana’s oblivious essay on Bari Weiss’ Substack:

And here’s my recent blog post on the topic:

It works like a charm. Trevor Noah of The Daily Show spent the summer of 2018 embracing this business model and pushing Karens Gone Wild videos to Kingdom Come. He purchased his $30 Million Bel Air mansion not long thereafter. Trevor Noah recently filed a lawsuit, citing his own severe emotional distress, but he apparently has no issue with inflicting severe emotional distress upon others, as long as they can’t fight back. Traumatized and vulnerable women with mental health disabilities make great victims.

Of course the Fake News Press, including the New York Times, pretends that these are legitimate news stories, because it’s so fast, cheap, and easy to make Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry money, especially when you target vulnerable nobodies without resources. Case in point: When Newsweek pretended that it was a legitimate news story when some miscreant made a TikTok video of her little old white lady busybody neighbor who didn’t like her Tigger Flag. Tigger Flag Karen gave birth to an untold number of new social media careers, based on the Shaun King Style Twitter Race Hustler business model, but this is anything but Citizen Journalism. When Frederick T. Joseph tried to destroy the life of Emma Sarley via Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, based on a snippet of video he took of her in a Brooklyn dog park, this epitomized the Shaun King Style Twitter Race Hustler business model.

This is why we must revisit New York Times v. Sullivan and the definition of public figure. This is why Sarah Palin’s defamation suit against the New York Times is so important. Right now, the Fake News Press has carte blanche to wantonly destroy the lives of private citizen nobodies with impunity. This is why Kara Swisher’s assertion, on Monica Lewinsky’s HBO documentary about Cancel Culture, that she is constrained by higher standards than your typical anonymous Twitter troll was so asinine. When mainstream journalism is dead, because the Press has embraced the Shaun King / The Appeal Style Twitter Race Hustler business model, I can’t imagine why anyone would try to argue that Citizen Journalism exists on social media; I certainly can’t imagine why Mike Solana would try to argue this.

I got scared when my abusive and deranged stalkers got me kicked off Twitter for reporting their vile abuse and harassment. But, I think this was a one off. Twitter wanted me gone, because I’m a threat to their bread and butter: I was exposing their blue check mark public figures as the Woke KKK monsters that they are. All of my social media and fundraising sites have been relentlessly attacked in recent months, mostly by Richard Painter’s minions. They’ve also been trying to get me fired from my jobs and disbarred. (I was so terrified of ending up on the streets that I’m moving home to live with my sister.) But, my abusive and deranged stalkers have been entirely unsuccessful in getting me kicked off any of my other social media and fundraising sites. I am happy to say that Google, Facebook, YouTube, Patreon, GoFundMe, Medium, WordPress, Instagram, PayPal, Venmo, and Parler, and I’m probably forgetting someone, have integrity and have stood by my side. Twitter could learn a thing or two from them.

I can’t be distracted by my abusive and deranged stalkers on Twitter any longer. They have zero impact. Twitter wants them to terrorize me and for me to think that they have some kind of power to hurt me. But, they don’t. They’re meaningless and impotent.

And, yes, this includes Richard Painter. The whole world sees what a buffoon he is. I have much, much bigger fish to fry. Richard Painter has been bloviating for the past almost 4 months about how he’s going to destroy me. He’s threatened to SWAT me. He threatened to report me to the Bar and for Fraud. He even threatened to have MN Attorney General Keith Ellison prosecute me. (I think MN AG Ellison tired of that nonsense right quick.) And, of course, he tried to Lynch me (on Thanksgiving and Christmas, no less), including by repeatedly comparing me to Ahmaud Arbery’s killers and to Hitler. But, it has all come to naught. Oh, he got me kicked off Twitter. Twitter was looking for any excuse to get rid of me. He should relish his tiny victory. How small and petty does someone have to be to gloat about getting a nobody who was already a social pariah kicked off Twitter in an Opinion piece on MSNBC? As small and petty as Richard Painter.

My Twitter mom and guardian angel, Gretchen Mullen, skepticreview89, is going to report the abuse and harassment against me on Twitter, so that I don’t have to look at this garbage anymore. I love her forever. I am going to treat Twitter the way I treat YouTube comments: I’m not even going to look. I am going to focus on finishing my book about what was done to me by Yale and the Fake News Press and Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry and what we can do to end Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process that is destroying us.

I’m in a dark place tonight. I’ve done everything I know how to do, and I don’t know what else to do. I honestly thought that I would have been able to save my life and career by now. I thought this hellish nightmare would be over by now. I underestimated how much my many enemies, the most powerful people and organizations in the world, do NOT want me to save my life and career.

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