I Live for My Job. I Have the Best Job in the World. I Save People, and Then They Save Me Right Back.

I can’t stop crying tears of joy, because I saved a family from eviction today, and then they called me a blessing.

The people and institutions that hunt me, that are trying to destroy me, some of the most powerful people and institutions in the world, are destroyers.

They can’t create. They don’t know love. They only know how to destroy and how to hurt. So, they pretend that their acts of destruction and hate are morally virtuous and confer upon them status and power and authority.

And, they seek to destroy anyone with the power of the truth to expose them for what they truly are.

Don’t be a destroyer. Be a creator. Make connections. Truly help people.

I am going to go work on the abstract for my 3rd Yale PhD Dissertation Paper, to submit to the next International Social Ontology Conference. It’s going to be in Vienna, this summer. I hope so much that it is accepted. I think it would be so good for me to go and to share my Saving the World Project.

I love all of my beautiful supporters so much. The last 4 months in particular have been a hellish nightmare. But, I promise that I am doing everything I can to remain strong and calm and brave.

I promise to never stop fighting for Justice for all of us, for all victims of Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, especially those who have already committed suicide.

My beautiful guardian angel brothers keep telling me that everything is going to be ok. They are leading me exactly where I need to be to do the most good, for the glory of God.

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