CNN Just Approached Me About a Documentary, and I Told Them To Pay Me $$$, or Buzz Off; Evil Fake News Press — My YouTube and Patreon Video

My latest YouTube and Patreon Video:

CNN Just Approached Me about a Documentary, and I told them to Pay Me $$$ Or Buzz Off. CNN defines Evil, Fake News Press.

I was approached, via email, by a CNN Producer, Abby Lieberman, about participating in a CNN Documentary, and I told Abby that CNN can go have sex with themselves, as far as I’m concerned. In truth, this was my reply:

Hi Abby,

I’m only interested if there will be significant payment made to me, because, of course, as you know, CNN led the witch hunt at Yale that almost got me killed and destroyed my lifelong human and civil rights academic and legal careers.  I am struggling, almost 4 years later, to save my life and career, to stay alive and off the streets, and to end the surreal, hellish nightmare that I still live in, because of what CNN did to me.

If you include me in your documentary without my permission, I will sue you and CNN and everyone involved.  

Thank you for respecting my wishes in advance,


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