Everyone Keeps Telling Me to Give Up on the Idea of Getting Justice, Because I Can’t Win Against the Most Powerful People and Orgs in the World, Including Yale

I will never stop fighting for Justice. Because it’s not just about me, it’s about all of the Victims of Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process. It’s about all of the Victims of the Fake News Press and the Black Trauma Moral Outrage Industry.

Especially those who have already killed themselves, because they couldn’t take the abuse and harassment and stalking anymore. Like Chadwick Seagraves, the latest Suicide Victim of Woke KKK Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process.

I know my friends and loved ones and supporters mean well when they tell me to give up the fight for Justice. They just think that it’s impossible to win against the most powerful people and institutions in the world, including Yale and the New York Times and the ACLU. They are Woke KKK Monsters and Witch Hunters who will do literally anything to silence me and to stop me from saving my life and career. They will do literally anything to stop me from getting the truth out about the Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got me (an innocent Yale grad student and lifelong civil rights attorney) killed. I am the PROOF that their ideologies and careers are nothing but utter bigotry and stupidity. I am the PROOF that they are evil liars and bigots and charlatans and frauds.

My loved ones also think it’s killing me, and it is. I’m under such an insane amount of stress that I’m pretty sure it’s literally killing me, and not all that slowly.

The Woke KKK Monsters and Witch Hunters are going to have to kill me to stop me from screaming the TRUTH from the mountaintops, and maybe they will, but I promise that I will never stop speaking Real TRUTH to Power.

I asked my beautiful guardian angel brothers, Aaron and Jacob, to watch over Chadwick Seagraves, the latest suicide victim of the Woke KKK Cancel Culture Mob.

Aaron and Jakie, watch over him. Comfort him. Welcome him to Heaven. Take care of him. Watch over his friends and loved ones who are grieving. Comfort them.

It has been a dozen years since my baby brother, Jacob Michael Braasch (1/28/86 – 2/2/10), left this world. I love him more and more with each passing day. Aaron and Jakie both visit me in my dreams and give me my best philosophical ideas.

Aaron and Jakie are my beautiful red haired guardian angel brothers. I know that Aaron and Jakie are guiding me where I need to be to do the most good, for the glory of God.

Jakie would have just turned 36 on January 28, 2022. He was born on January 28, 1986, the day the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up.

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