Hmmmm. Someone Got Their Twitter Account Back!

Hmmmm. Someone Got Their Twitter Account Back.

I’m really happy. I do still need my Twitter Account to save my life and career. I also need it to get the truth out about the Witch Hunt at Yale that almost got me killed and destroyed my life.

And, to continue my efforts, legal and otherwise, to restore Due Process and Equal Protection at Yale and to end Woke Cancel Culture and Trial by Twitter without Due Process, as well as the Fake News Press and Moral Outrage Industry.

I’m going to be super super careful. I protected my tweets. I requested an archive of my data, and once I receive it, I’m going to wipe my account. I will never tag again.

I know that I’ll have a target on my back a mile wide.

I’m going to be super careful and use my Twitter Account in a very different manner.

Here is what I wrote in my appeal to Twitter that worked:

Twitter Support,
I ask you respectfully to please restore my account to full functionality.  You made a grievous error in permanently banning me.  You literally banned my account for talking about the egregious abuse and harassment that I was suffering from others.  These others are still on Twitter and continue to abuse, harass, and stalk me, and wage campaigns to destroy my life on your platform, including by trying to get me fired, disbarred, expelled, made unemployable, and kicked off all of my social media and fundraising sites that are my lifeline.  This includes Richard Painter, RWPUSA, and (redacted).  You are supporting users on Twitter, right now, who have posted my home address on Twitter, and said I had guns, and pretended that they were going to get me arrested for fake restraining orders.  You are supporting users on Twitter as I type who have swatted and doxxed me.  You must be able to see that this is a gross injustice.  There are people on Twitter, today, who continue campaigns to destroy what remains of my life, no matter how many times you have locked them out and permanently suspended them.  They just make sock puppet after sock puppet to evade their permanent suspensions.  And, you literally permanently banned me for reporting their reprehensible abuse of me and for publicly documenting their campaigns against me.  I am asking you to please do the right thing finally, and restore my account to full functionality.  I need my Twitter account to save my life and career.  Please help an innocent person achieve justice finally.  I have been living in a hellish nightmare for the past almost 4 years, and the past 5 months have been particularly nightmarish, due to Richard Painter’s campaign to destroy me, and his many minions, whom he has incited against me.  Please help me end these vicious and relentless attacks.  It is not just that you allow them to abuse me so on your platform, while I have no means to defend myself, because you have banned and silenced me.  Please help me save my life and career.  
Thank you,
Sarah Braasch

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