Did You Know That a Race-Baiting Dystopian Fantasy Starring Me as the Central Villain Could be Astrophysics Scholarship?!?! (What’s Next in American Physics? Claims that Sarah Braasch Killed George Floyd?)

According to Apriel Hodari, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Jessica Esquivel, Brian Nord, Shayna Krammes, and Ketevi Assamagan, it can be!

A race-baiting dystopian fantasy starring me as a genocidal villain trying to Lynch Black students at Yale can be astrophysics!

Who knew it was that easy to be an astrophysicist?!?!

And, guess what? You can even make bank writing a race-baiting dystopian fantasy / Living While Black Race Hoax / Death Threat against me!

The Heising-Simons Foundation will be happy to give you a grant to pen a Death Threat against me, an innocent Yale PhD Candidate and civil rights attorney with 2 summa cum laude engineering degrees.

See the PROOF here:

Apparently, I am THE Reason for the lack of diversity in STEM.

Can you believe that?

And, here I thought I helped lead the effort to diversify STEM in the 90’s with my 2 summa cum laude engineering degrees, in Aerospace and Mechanical, from the University of Minnesota, where I was often 1 of only two or three women in a class of 100.

I knew there was a Get Sarah Braasch Killed Moral Outrage Industry in legal academia. I knew there was a Get Sarah Braasch Killed Moral Outrage Industry in philosophy and humanities academia. I knew that the best way to get ahead in law and humanities academia was to pen a race-baiting dystopian fantasy starring yours truly as a genocidal villain. What I never expected and am shocked to discover: that penning a Death Threat against me would be the best way to advance one’s career in science academia.

All of the authors of this debacle should be horrified by their racist and insane and evil behavior. They should all resign in abject shame from their respective positions. They should be fired, in fact. No institution should tolerate such evil and insane and bigoted behavior.

The Heising-Simons Foundation should shutter itself in abject shame for providing grant money for this Living While Black Race Hoax article as physics scholarship.

Two scientists were brave enough to stand up to this Woke Insanity and Tyranny and expose this lunacy. I had discovered it, but they also brought this monstrosity to my attention on Twitter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. One of them asked the very apt question: What’s next in American Physics? Accusing Sarah Braasch of having murdered George Floyd?

I told him not to give these Woke KKK Monsters and Witch Hunters any ideas.

Here are the 2 wonderful scientists who brought this Death Threat / alleged physics article to my attention. I brought them to Colin Wright’s attention:

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