Rand Paul and Glenn Greenwald, Please Help. MN Needs to Know that Richard Painter is Unfit to Serve in the US Congress

Rand Paul has endorsed Jeremy Munson to represent the MN01 in the US Congress. Richard Painter is also running for this congressional seat.

Of course, Richard Painter is the Woke KKK Monster who waged a six month campaign on Twitter to destroy me, an innocent Yale grad student and lifelong civil rights attorney, and to drive me to suicide.

Richard Painter is obviously entirely unfit to serve in the US Congress.

I have reached out to Minnesota journalists, asking them to help me inform the MN voting public. But, I am being ignored.

Richard Painter insinuated on Twitter today that Jeremy Munson is paying people off to attain this seat in the US Congress.

So, I ask Richard Painter, who did you buy off to cover up your six month Twitter campaign to terrorize an already traumatized and suicidal woman on Twitter for sport?

Glenn Greenwald posted a tweet about Rand Paul making clear that the US government is the greatest propagator of disinformation, so it is ludicrous for the US Government to establish a Ministry of Truth or Disinformation Governance Board.

I am asking Rand Paul and Glenn Greenwald for help. Please help me get this information to the MN Voting Public. They need to know that Richard Painter is unfit to serve in any public office, let alone at the US Congress.

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