CT Freedom of Information Act Commission Hearing Update 09 17 19 YouTube Channel Video Script

Below please find my YouTube Channel Video Script for my CT Freedom of Information Act Commission Hearing Update 09 17 19 YouTube Channel Video:

Hi, this is Sarah Braasch. Welcome or welcome back to my channel. So, today I want to give you an update on the CT Freedom of Information Act Hearing scheduled for October 3rd, in Hartford, CT, for me to get the Yale Police body camera footage from May 8th, 2018, that exonerates me and exposes Yale’s grossly illegal misconduct.  

Before, I was hopeful that I would not have to attend the hearing, and hopeful that the hearing would not take place at all.  

I had spoken with the Ombudsman at the CT FOIA Commission assigned to my docket, and she had expressed her belief that she would be able to get Yale to release the YPD body camera footage to the public, which would have precluded the need for me to attend a hearing in Hartford on October 3rd.  

The Ombudsman told me that Yale was claiming the exemption of not having to release uncorroborated allegations.  The Ombudsman told me that they had NEVER allowed an entity to withhold a video based upon this exemption.  As she astutely pointed out, a video is not an allegation.  

Unfortunately, when I spoke with the Ombudsman today, she said that she had been unsuccessful in getting Yale to release the Yale Police body camera footage to the public, or to give it to me to do so.  Yale is insisting that a hearing take place.  They are arguing that the footage includes uncorroborated allegations, and so they do not have to release it. 

I explained to the Ombudsman that this means that I have no choice but to attend the hearing, even though it is a grave financial hardship for me, and will endanger my mental health and wellbeing.  I told her that I am trying to save my life, and I need the public to see the footage to save my life and human and civil rights career, which were destroyed by the disgusting lies that the Yale Administration and Police told about me. 

I told the Ombudsman that Yale University Provost and University wide Title IX Coordinator Stephanie Spangler had assured me back in March, 2018, not to worry.  She told me that everything would be fine.  She promised me that Yale would always do the right thing, regardless of legal liability or PR.  I was devastated to learn that she had been lying to me the entire time and merely pantomiming trying to help me to placate me.  

It is absolutely ridiculous for Yale to claim the right to withhold the footage, because the footage contains uncorroborated allegations.  First and foremost, the allegations are not uncorroborated.  I had been begging Yale for months to put a stop to the harassment and stalking that I was enduring in my isolated dorm room and across campus, to no avail.  In the video, I am begging the Yale Police Officers to speak with Dean Lynn Cooley, because she knew that I was the one being harassed and stalked for months.  I begged the Yale Police Officers to speak with Yale Police Officer Grace Schenkle and to read her multiple police reports, documenting the harassment and stalking I had experienced.  And, of course, if a police department can withhold the body camera footage pertaining to police officers responding to a call, because the footage contains uncorroborated allegations, then police departments could ALWAYS withhold the footage of police officers responding to ANY call. This makes absolutely no sense.  

I am hopeful that I will be successful when I attend the CT FOIA Commission hearing on October 3rdin Hartford, CT.  

I have invited members of the press to attend, to cover the hearing, and to interview me.  I am also intending on holding press conferences and meeting with press, in Hartford, in New Haven, and in NYC.  I am also planning on asking Dean Lynn Cooley for permission to come to Yale’s campus in New Haven, CT, to meet with my advisors. If she refuses me, this will be another Federal Office for Civil Rights complaint.  

If Yale is going to force me to come to Hartford to get the YPD body camera footage from May 8th, 2018, then I am going to make a spectacle of the affair and drum up as much press as possible.  

I am going to be using some of the funds that I have already raised.  I will be as frugal as possible.  This is such an important part of my case.  The footage exonerates me and exposes Yale’s grossly illegal misconduct. 

I realized something today. I realized that Yale refusing to release the footage on these grounds proves that Yale is lying.  If Yale is admitting that the footage includes me begging the officers, trying desperately to tell them that I was not harassing anyone; I was the victim of harassment, including by Lolade Siyonbola.  Then, they are admitting that they knew exactly why I had called the non emergency helpline of the Yale Campus Police, as I had been repeatedly instructed to do by both the Yale Administration and the Yale Police, and that this reason had nothing to do with having found a black person asleep in the small, little used, so called common room, next to my isolated dorm room on Yale’s campus, where I had been terrorized for months while the Yale Admin and Police did nothing.  The long and short of the matter is that Yale is admitting that they told disgusting lies about me that endangered my life and destroyed my civil rights career, and they did this to cover up their own grossly illegal misconduct. 

I am also making this video to please ask for donations to my legal fund.  To everyone who has already donated, please know that you are literally saving my life and career.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

I remain hopeful that I’ll be able to secure my legal representation soon, and that I’ll be able to pursue all appropriate legal action against Yale and the entire moral outrage industry.  

I include links to my PayPal account and my GoFundMe page in the comments below.  

Thank you so much for all of your support and kind words.  It means everything to me.  

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