A Warning About All of the Lies and False Information Online About Me, Especially on Twitter (People Have Developed Sick Obsessions With Me, just like the Yale Deans and Lolade Siyonbola Did)

I just wanted to write a quick post to warn people about all of the lies and false information online about me, especially on twitter.

I only tell the absolute, 100%, simple, honest to God TRUTH. So, if you want the truth about something, ask me.

I have always been the kind of person who is very polarizing. People either seem to fall in love with me, and want to do anything to help me, or they hate me, and want to destroy me.

People seem to very easily develop sick obsessions with me. I believe that this is what happened at Yale, to Lolade Siyonbola. She developed a sick obsession with me, out of jealousy and rage, because I had been exonerated by Yale Housing after the February 24th, 2018 incident. This is why she decided to go to the Yale Deans and accuse me of having perpetrated a racist hate crime comparable to a lynching. This is why the Living or Napping While Black incident at Yale is a Hate Crime Hoax.

The Yale Deans had also developed a sick and twisted obsession with me. This happened after an incident during my first year in the PhD Program in Philosophy at Yale in Spring, 2015, when I was socially ousted by most of my graduate student peers, because I stood up for the Federal Civil Rights (the religious expression rights) of an Evangelical black man at Yale (our only POC job candidate for a tenure track Assistant Professor position). The graduate students then went to the Administration to try to get me expelled. The only reason why I was not disciplined is because the Faculty stood up for me en masse. The Yale Deans have been waiting for another opportunity to expel me ever since, because of my profound commitment to civil libertarianism.

This is why the Yale Deans could not have been more thrilled when Lolade Siyonbola approached them and lied to them, telling them that I had perpetrated a racist hate crime comparable to a lynching, even though I had been exonerated by the Yale Housing Managers.

The Yale Deans formed a mob against me and were complicit in the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax at Yale, assisting my tormentors in terrorizing me for months in my isolated dorm room in the Hall of Graduate Studies on Yale’s campus. I was living by myself at the top of a tower, in the most isolated dorm room in the dormitory, because of my mental health disabilities, including severe PTSD. This was a special arrangement that had been made for me by Yale Housing. The Yale Administration also illegally released my personal information to my tormentors, including my mental health history at Yale, in gross violation of Federal Law.

So, Lolade Siyonbola developed a sick obsession with me and devoted her life to destroying mine, to settle a twisted imaginary personal vendetta against me.

The Yale Deans developed a sick obsession with me and devoted themselves to destroying my life, to settle a twisted imaginary personal vendetta against me.

And, there are many persons online, especially on Twitter, who have similarly developed sick obsessions with me and have devoted their lives to destroying mine.

Please be aware of this. Please do not fall for the lies being spread across Twitter and all of social media about me.

If you want the truth, just ask me. I’ll tell you the truth. Because I have only ever told the truth, and I will always only tell the truth.

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